Lyrics: Skonick – Sisi Eko ft. And1, hillZ

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The beat by jayy ah ah ya ya
They feel the beat by jayy yeh aah
We don dey we don dey everybody don dey
And1 you dey for here abi alrite na its skonick
The way she wine this girl she wine for me the way she go her padi
padi no dey try to low
I don dey you don dey do re mi fall lado the beat dey go like this!

Me like the attitude (ah) oya bend down low
Oh baby don’t be rude (ah) oya make we dey flow
You been sitting at the corner
Bottles on me don’t bother
Dance like jagolova
Let me see you go lower
Sexy lady you don dey drive me crazy ah (2x)
Sisi eko o koko koko bi lo a (2x)
[verse1 by And1] uh party all nite coz we gat class all nite
Drinks all wasted chicks on the lap like guitars
Boy on high things fresh boys skinny jeans swagg on allstar
We keep popping all nite mecci boku and they tua niggas you ain’t
cool you can’t talk about me like oleku Im a super star iceprince so
hard with skonick and hillz jayy number one And1 we slam the near
nigga no And2!

[Repeat Chorus]

[verse2 by skonick]
Say hockey hockey the way she wine the girl dey
blow my mind di mind di like Jroc say this girl dey wine na onkey
onkey the way she go dey blow my mind di I no go lie di aa
I feel da way this girl she wine for me she blow my mind I no go lie
the way she go dey make me feel lowkey I no go shy I fit tell at your
mama gave you for I no go lie I no go lie!

[Repeat Chorus]

[verse3 by hillz]
See I gat gucci and prada so tell me what you want
now ain’t no mother fucker been better than this brother as I step
into the club I gat this girls been going gaga I want no pigins from
this broke ass niggas coz I gat no fucking answer!
E ma Jo lo the way she wine e ma Jo lo baby oya ko ma Jo lo
The way you wine this girl she fine she blow my mind me no go lie the
girl she blow my mind (a a a)

[Repeat Chorus]

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