Lyrics: Skyz – Untitled Verse

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Probably i should talk about the shit that hurts the most
Lighting up my demons while am smoking out my ghost
Thoughts of being lesser
Not being recognized by most
Had me going crazy
Getting caved and also getting choked
So i took my pen
And all i did was write
Talking bout my pain
And hopping for the light
Cos every step i took
Always felt like it was right
But all i did was lurk like a demon thru the night
Spitting conscious lines while they hated out of spite
But i never gave a fuck all i needed was a spark
A little bit of green
To settle like the tides
Just to calm my fears
And take me on a ride
Mama on my neck first out of two
Watching how i step cos my bro be watching too
Judged by a lot but known by a few
So i never let them in while they guessing for a clue
But my life’s a maze
So am soul searching too
My hopes are getting high
And am wining with my crew
Chasing up my dreams but never waking up slow
Gat my bible to side
And a pen for my foes
Started with some niggas
Now we separate ways
All they had was pride
So i gave ‘em space
Gat my head up while am just spitting to their face
Same people that doubted now they get to watch and be amazed
Y’all can tag me rude or probably insecure
But i don’t give a fuck
Cos your visions just a blur
Thankful to my team
And to baba god
For giving us the strength
And we never giving up
And yeah am up and coming like a dick on rise
Splitting up the game while am swinging thru her thighs
They say the same shit every day never seemed so wise
But am gon get that pie, while they hopping for a slice
Call me a beast
Hiding as a kid in plain sight.
Like a girls underpants
Am here to keep the game tight.
Smarter dan my peers young wizard with a mic
Cos they keep it slow like the purple in a sprite.
Nigga’z bout that beef
Noisy with the rukus
Eyes on my goals never loosing focus
Jerk dancing rappers wanking with they hair products.
So wen they spit on the mic they sound like pussies with a penis

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