Lyrics: slashWisDom – Mindstate

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We skate on suckers who perpetrate
And lay down law from state to state (Repeat 5x)


On the edge with 4Gs
optimistic about Forbes lists
Dreams we achieve, invest in investments
Pushing hard bodies with speed
in the end, feeling like Peppers with the Panthers
the freak of nature
Plenty sacks, on my back is a hunch; Quasimodo
the ring bearer, Frodo
Wearing it on my left hand
Groomed for more than best man
word to mother divorce is not in the program
Diverse styles I bring keep the fans interested
symbol of hope, e go keep us all connected
Just(in) time, I call it Timberlake
Nsync due to my conglomerate
I’m not afraid of your zone
learned from world’s experience
Notice the wisdom the way I implement
Made you look like the God son, piqued your interest
This here I wrote after the freestyle session
Elevated power point without hesitation
Gate keeper of truth
The way I prophesize
All about the positive drive, failure proof
Spit on mics with emotion
Let it shower youths
You lead them astray
the reason why i’m after you
Kicking down doors like SWAT team with Timberland boots
My mindstate, #LetItSpread


We skate on suckers who perpetrate
And lay down law from state to state (Repeat 5x)


Forget that nice guy you used to walk over
Push to the corner dey bully,
collecting every penny
I’m loose now off the leash
sharp teeth all over necks
creep on blood like vampires
until they’re neutralized
sick and tired of being sick of these tired emcees
spitting melodic hooks twice and call it 16s
My verse fit warn a bros like the exorcist
casting out devils or demons with the venom I spit
My flows became for rest
no eyes on Whitaker
You rappers I direct
You’re waiting to exhale
You no go comprehend
You’re dogs chasing your tails
Almost said the B word, my conscience told me to chill
Cold hearted like females
after bad break ups
Vindictive when I want just for the hell of
You’re screaming competition
and not even in the lineup
Starting or bench, I think I saw your name in reserve
dum dums, brainwashed, lost in transition
choke on my verse, the only way you’ll spit wisdom
Could care less about your followers or fan base
Hate to base fans and followers all on bad taste
Building up
transforming to Optimus
Focused on balance
so your prime to me is irrelevant
You gotta be wise with the way you utilize yours
I grabbed the honey straight from the bee hive
Plenty hate where I reside
the heart gotta be home
make una watch, wherever I sit now is the throne
Digesting all your nonsense
yet I never craze
Bad belle banging on my door
but e never brake
Una dey craze like Clifford Orji

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