Lyrics: Slim T – Ojo ft. Iye

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titles=Slim T – Ojo_feat._Iye_]

Its TripCity in the building
, Slim T , aye
*whispers* Ex-O , Yeah B

Verse 1
A hard day, these are hard times
there’s so much pain in the night These are dark times
I need the light but it seems that I can’t find
The Violence no more peace like the violins *uh*
Listen, look at the economy, cause it really bothers me
Lack of electricity, Government monopoly
There’s no more integrity, people are deceiving
Some others are grieving, what do you believe in.

(Iye) Chorus
Ko si bi aye se le to, ani iretin bé
Ko si bi ojo se ro to, owun lon mu wa sa kpa o
Ololufe mi e sunkun, jowo o nu oju re o
Nitori ise ta se leni lon je ka dupe f’ola

(M-flow) Dramatic skit
Oya e yo ladder, e yo e yo ladder yin, oya oya
Ati san owo nepa tele (Ehen) sugbon aye ti ri ena latekan (kilowa kan mi)
E tu wa si ile mi E tu wa ja na ( e ti san wo na)
E ti rogo la ni O, ke ma sa lo (emi)
Iwo iwo iwo Ori e lo ma la nó (ah ori mi)
E wo bi o sén se enu bi furó ediyé (ah enu mi)
Alayii nikan se, se ni na ni ile ti e (eh e now)
O wo ju ni, abi o beru ni (ahhhh)

Verse 2
Cause there’s so much poverty, police keeps on bothering me
Education is the key but I can’t afford the fees
People are dying disease, Government is so at ease
Plus I got nothing to eat, I’m weak, defeat
Cyber criminality , Some call it Yahoo Yahoo
But at the end of the day we claim we are Africans (Awoo)
Nonsense we need a change, we need to rearrange
All man for himself (ahh) is what we need to change common

Chorus (x2)

(Outro) Chorus

Chorus Translation
No matter how hard life is there will always be hope for tomorrow
No matter how heavy the rain is, its what keeps us together
So my dear don’t you cry, please wipe your eyes
Because the work we do today will make us rejoice tomorrow

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