Lyrics: Slyde – Banana

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Jay pizzle production
Eh eh ….
Ahn eh eh eeh…
Ahaaaan .. Sa sa..
Oyawole, lowo le..
Waje bana waa je banana
Omo toh shan nana banana..
Omo toh shan nana
Waa je banana
Omo toh shan nana
Omo toh shan
Eh eh eh eh eh (fire)

Oyawole, oyawole ,oyawole, lowole…
You know you love the sound lowole, lowole….
Her bumbum big like a trailer
Make me want date her..ah
Roll your waist…ahh..
Odidandan waa je banana..
Waa je nana..
She say nana..
O everybody nana
Way you whine, oya now…
Way you whine, arehare
Make me scream arehare..
You wanna make me are away.

Waa je banana
Omo toh shan nana.
Banana…Omo toh shan nana.
Waa je banana
Omo toh shan nana.
Omo toh shan nana
Boogie down, laide….laide…bolanle
Wanna see you go down nana. 2x.
Eh eh eh eh eh

Look at you
The way you dey shake your boobs april fool.
Baby gal, is that what you do?
Everybody dem wanna do.
Sexy galz, dem wanna do.
All ma ladies,dem wanna do
From distance dey wanna zoom
Boogie down
Wanna see you go down nana 2x

Brooklyn records
*** sound

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