Lyrics: SMac – Flow This ft. BuGsi

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[Intro- SMac]
Yo, is this thing on? Ai! SMac. We be on this remix parole. Ha! Got BuGsi up on this with me (yeah, nigga), Yagzie on the mix. What else? Haha. Aii.. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Arh! Yeah! Uh.. K.. It goes something like this, guys, sorry to tire you out..

[Verse 1- SMac]
Freshman year, first day of college
My mama said “Sam, you’re here to acquire knowledge”
So I made her a promise and, honestly, it was honest
but dishonesty is honestly overrated, I have to say.
In these few minutes, there are a couple things i have to say,
Never hit a lion and turn and walk the other way.
cos you’re just gonna wish this was the other day
where i was writing poems on my hands at the soccer game.

[Verse 2- BuGsi]
So what you suckers sayin’? (Huh?) we need you to focus,
Stop the hocus pocus, keep your locus, sucker, like a poker game.
See, whatever I spit is big from the start,
These other rappers talkin’ shit like they speaking in farts (haha)
You must confess, nigga, BuGsi be the best,
Nigga, drop the biggest shit, leave you niggas in a mess. (Oh!)
I’m disgusting, right? Yeah, it’s serious
But still I got the bloodiest flow… period

[Verse 3- SMac]
Hold up, hold up, hold up, see I’m a simple guy
lucky me, rolling 7 on a single di,
hooking up with hookers, no bait, like I’m in Philippi,
Filipino, even Nemo wasn’t hard to find.
See I’m just in it for the love, you get me?
don’t mean i won’t rip your heart apart, upset me
I’m claustrophobic, no more rooms, get back, back, back
cos she be dancing on my legs, no tap, tap, tap.

[Verse 4- BuGsi]
So get back, back, back, nigga, you whack, whack, whack
Don’t bring your verses, man, I’m rapping on a track with SMac.
We run the game, nigga, your flows are lame, nigga
You was the best… that’s until we niggas came,
Rappers claim to be the best- they praising themselves,
But they ain’t got proof- they’re just like D12
*chik-it chik-it chik-it* I’m flipping and ripping, your bitches are tripping,
I’m pimping ‘em girls and they licking on my *sh…*

[Verse 5- SMac]
I think I’m running out of time, that sucks right?
but time is money so I’m fine, that rocks right?
yeah we’ve been in it from the top, top, top
let’s go plus we gon never ever stop, stop, stop
BuG is chilling (hey), SMac is chilling (hey)
what more can i say? we killing ‘em
Just like ‘em pirates look at how we ride this flow
Am i getting tired now? i guess you’ll never know

[Verse 6- BuGsi]
Look… I flow quick, you don’t hear? So what?
Niggas call me a prick cos my flow’s so nuts! (haha!)
I’m such an asshole, ive said a lotta crap
On this track- back to back here with SMac and for that,
Um.. matter of fact, this right here could be the last rap
I ever do spit, I’ll never do shit- that’s that.
Screw it, I quit, suck on a tit, Jackass,
I’m done with this whack-ass rap, KISS MY BLACK ASS!

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