Lyrics: Smallzz – Rapstafari (Hold Yuh Cover)

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-You know they call me Smallzz and I am that crazy rapper wey no send anybody.

-They call me Smallzz and Master Mix on the mix

-I love to rap yeah
-Lyrical Punch Bag is wah they call me yeah
-When I do the things that I do I pray to GOD to bless them yeah

-See I love to kiss yah
-And really wanna hold yah
-But ain’t gat time for all this shit, you know money is on my mind


-You know Ogun na the state wey me come from
-Fadeyi, Lasgidi, the hood where me be born
-LASU for Ojo na the school wey me grad from
-Naija, Africa, imma motherfucking black boy

-I no send nobody, ain’t send no baga
-Me doing my shits, rap is wah I trully wanna
-Iba awon ti mo ba ninu game, iba awon high class rapper
-Ti omode ba mowowe, dandan ni ki ohun na ka paper

-Am a street boy, the street can tell what I’ve been through
-I dey Shrine with boys or Elegushi doing Voodoo
-Don’t tell me say you sef believe say na juju
-My talent is real, you must be an M.U.M.U

-I am S.M.A.L.L.Z.Z
-Lemme take you to the rap world and enlighten you like A to Z
-Won ni pe mo kere, kekere labere n kere
-Lyrically, mo sheruba won, gbogbo won mere
-Adeyemi hold the game down, gbogbo won n sare
-Rap na my twin, I be Kehinde, hin be Taiye

-All this student rapper, listen to what I got to teach
-You are Esther and you bleach no mean say you dey Establish
-Pay attention, you don’t need a time table
-You dey reason ontop table no mean say you reasonable

-Give me the light, gimme tha hush
-Gimme tha bad man thing, gimme tha kush
-Gimme that thing that blows my mind *laughs*
-Gimme that thing that blows my mind

-A ti pe ninu game yi bi ijo yahooze
-Ain’t my birthday but hip, hip, hip, hurray
-I dey hustle well, one day mo mo pe mo jere
-Don Baba Jay gan mo pe Surulere

-Upcoming nimi, won ni mo ma flirt gan
-As a street boy, won nipe mo ma *kush* gan
-Omo o dun, ibadi e de tun large gan
-Ta ba dori bed, mo mo pe o de ma bad gan

-Pe mi l’Adeniji, but mi o kin shey Adele
-Iyalaya gbogbo eyin te fe fun mi ni majelele
-Them talk shit, dey beef me, na my topic dem they discuss
-Today, na me dey rap wey dem dey give round of applause

-Life is good my nigga, bere lowo LG
-Lasan ko l’awon boys feel my S.W.A.G
-Awon boiz bo shey wa yen fe feature lori song mi
-Awon ladies gan o gbeyin, gbogbo won lo fe blow job mi

-Pe’mi ni Daddy, je n ba e soro loni shoki
-I get bunch of keys, I don’t go for a low key
-Mi o ki n shey Hussein Bolt but you know am always on track
-Don’t test my patience, if I vex, omo we gonn’ rack

-I no be rich boy yet am not a broke nigga
-Wo mi daadaa, ain’t one of those wack rappers
-The top na my target, everyday de lemi n grind
-If it’s not money, don’t say it, I gat money on my mind

-Eni ti won ni ko le pago, to ko’le alarinrin
-Born without silver spoon but now mo n lo shibi onirin
-Eleda mi jooor, eleda mi ma lo pillow
-Make I owe sote boiz go take me for EzeEgo

-Mo n spit hard punches, won ni pe mo lucky
-Etisalat ni won, *laughs* now they are talking
-Future mi bright, my nigga, ogbeni lo wo goggle
-You messing with me, gbaoh ni’pako, nigga you see triple

-To ba r’olowo, ko need ki n so fun e ko to bow down
-Ma lo shey weyrey oo, oga Ade, lo calm down
-Shey o gbo pe mo ni pe ko lo calm down?
-SoundCity ko le mention e ni TopTen countdown

-You fit boss for your lane, iyen ko de kan aye
-Changeee l’owo e lodo Davido toh ko “Aye”
-Educated rapper nimi, e joor e fun mi laye
-K’emi na di Wizzy, ki n di omo jaiyejaiye

-Won fi mi we Dagrin, well that’s a great honour
-Olaitan Oladapo mo wish e l’Alujona
-T’awon angels ba drop single, make sure pe o feature
-See you when I see you, see you on the day of rapture

-Nigba teyin n crawl, nishe l’emi mu standing
-Eyin mu standing, emi wa outstanding
-To ba lo try lati wa outstanding
-Whether you like it or not I go always outshine you

You know they call me Smallzz and I am that crazy rapper wey no send anybody
Emate Love Studio I see you

*Laughs* Eerrmm, I am out of words you know

*Eerrmm* Chi the Don aka Arab Money, Rest in Peace bro…

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