Lyrics: Sola Shittu – Yahweh ft. Major Joe

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You made the stars, You made the moon
You gave me life, and gave me hope
Oh the cross, Oh the blood
Now You’re my Igwe

Yahweh (3ce)

Jehovah dabaru, Jehovah pandemonium
Arogidigba daleru kin sheja ‘nu acquarium
O scatter ‘won ton ta ton ra ninu church auditorium
Baba lo lope, Ojo Ade lo l’accordion
Ohun nikan, lo le ni kin ma mikan
Kin de farabale o mean pe mo we mo yan Kankan
Babylon, who’s your father-born
O je rora ma gbon
Just believe the fight is won
We ni bawon rogun armageddon
Oh Lord, my God, how excellent l’oruko Re
ni gbogbo aye, no rival ko seni b’Ire
Adahunshe, Abanishe Alashepe
Alashegbe, na You be Atorishe
Na you bi Atayeshe, ‘Tayero Iwo lo da’yero
Anywhere you lead the way Olohun mo ma ba Yin lo
Father mother brother sister everybody ti mo mo
Ma je kan mo pe Jesus rocks, iyanrin nile miran

Yahweh (3ce)

(Aah!) Oru nmu mi, o ti su mi
Ki le tun fe kin so nip’eni to ti ku funmi
Be, oju o dunyin, ab’orun n kun yin
Sh’any other person ti njoba laye lorun ni
Jesus is Lord, you know He paid all the cost when He died on the cross
Put Him in your team He’s a plus
And He keeps you winning I mean that’s the way He does
He’s the Boss of all bosses
And I still get zero when I add up my losses
He can make the poor rich
And He heals the sick in faith, tongue-switch
E fara pamo, oloro nbo
You take cover when He knocks on your door
You don’t realize p’Ohun nikan l’Oosha
Tha’ll give you peace in the middle o’ your noise
Salvation let’s talk about it
You don’t know go ask about it
They say boy you proud about it
Cannot be too loud about it

Yahweh (3ce)

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  • Though its new to me buh it got good lyrics…..well done sola shittu

    Tijani August 12, 2015 3:26 pm

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