Lyrics: Solo Rhymes – Plenty Plenty

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These is Solo rhymes a.k.a ,you know the rest…
you know how we do
let’s gO!!!!…….Ok!!!!

Verse 1
The party venue from here is not too far
So we gon get there girl in my car
When we get there girl you wanna pop some Champagne
Kicking against drug you wanna do the campaign
I ‘ll be there for you so feel no pain
With me you not gon loose but make more gain
We ride to the Mall get you rings chains
You gon be my queen baby till the end of my reign
So baby keep shaking like a swange dancer
I’m Solo Rhymes you know coming from under
With new vibe,hot flows that sounds like thunder
The way you do the thing make me baby wonder
The whole scene seems like am bringing drama
That brings u comfort just o ease the trauma
So keep shaking it just to make me happy
‘Cos I can’t wait mamacita I’m going crazy

Hook x2
I get plenty ,plenty naira
I get plenty,plenty Dollar
I get plenty,plenty Peso
I get plenty ,plenty Euro
So join me spend my money
Make you join me spend my MONEY

Verse 2
Boys girls all getting wild……
Ladies swinging them hipz side by side….
Tonight’s affair is a ride or die…
Sipping Cognac so we can get high….
Let me here u holla rhymes when I drive by….
stomp with your both legs left and Right….
Try showing that love money can’t buy…
Let our enemies holla oh why….
Pick up your beer let’s cheer don’t be shy…
All the girls in here looking so fly…
Do what you wanna as we close down the bar…
Next having fun in my flashy car..
Moving in twos like Bonnie and Clyde….
Eyes heavy getting dizzy like you wanna die….
Keep the party on don’t give up the fight

……….Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Chorus till fade)

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