Lyrics: Soti – Paradise

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titles=soti – paradise]

I‘ll take you to paradise
Just close your eyes & let me take you to the sky
We‘ll go to paradise, I‘ll take you to paradise
Just me and you tonight, we‘ll be in paradise

You‘re killing me slowly
That I can’t hold back no more
You‘re like a drug
I don‘t even mind an overdose
I can‘t deny, It‘s all because
I‘m in too deep
I‘ll lose my self-control n
I‘m crazy over you

When you whisper in my ears (can‘t help but smile)
When you put your hands on me( my mind runs wild)
Just hold me baby and
Together we can fly into paradise


It‘s on tonight
Baby make your wish and just relax
I‘ll take my time,
I‘ll make sure your needs are satisfied
I can‘t pretend, its all big I‘m losing it
I‘ve lost my self-control
Don‘t try to hold me back



Shut your eyes and let me take you to the skyyyy


I’ve lost my self-control coz
I‘m crazy over youuuu
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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