Lyrics: Soul Scrollz – What’s In Your Hands

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Intro: Ah who dat
Chant: Who come be the devil weh go tell me don’t ball?

Been a while since I done something like this
But a nigga ain’t lost touch
So keep thinking you can do what I do how I do, care to prove and you find out you fucked up
When you laugh at my back I don’t see but I hear so it’s wack that you act tryna chop knuckle
So no dey vex if you ask for a ride to the crib and I gree then I leave you at the bus stop
You dey see me like pikin?
Hear flow, hear rhythm
You get dough lets listen
Lets go, lets get this (2x)
Rappers claiming they hot when I drop on the spot they get cold, go home, go shiver
All talk no ginger
They claim they got guts no liver
I’m chilling but I ain’t here to hang out
Tryna get feedback from tracks I bang out
Flames in the bag these tapes I hand out
So unique so when I stand up I stand out
Geega man this beats just nuts
So i’m going in till the speakers buss
Year running out but omo me must touch
Everything for me that was ordained by God
Just took off from a flight deck
No Earth to try landing
So many years I’ve been planning
The speech when award gets handed
Nigeria’s number one rapper
Straight face no pose for the cameras
Just getting started my number one anthem
Came too far for the boy to look backward
Go too hard for the crowd to stop chanting
Pray to God and he give me directions to all of life’s questions He’s given us answers
Even God says don’t grind, don’t eat
Naija hard but omo gba gbe oshi
Niggas want grow where they never sow seed
Whether rich or poor man this life no free
Everything that I have in my hands
Tryna leave em so deep in the sand
That when they take root and they stand
Even when a nigga gone I’ll be feeding the land
It should be a crime to dream big and move so small
Then be in a bar, drinking and dancing listening to Wizkid sing don’t dull
When my dad made it no net, no calls
Who come be the devil weh go tell me don’t ball? (2x)

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