Lyrics: Sparks – All Of You

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Sparklight entertainment
Yeah… Mixtape infusion
Wetin dey happen? (Yeah) All my people

Verse 1
Okay I’m going in with my eyes wide shut
Mic in my front, fire extinguisher so I don’t burn
This is, big daddy Sparks, yes he can rap
Bringing you mixtape infusion so guess who’s back
Naija, what’s popping, told y’all we aint stopping
Me and music related you can say we’re like cousins
And night time na the wrong time for you to dey find your black goat
Me and your girl dey inside room we dey play el classico
I’m flashing yo, I’m flashing yo
Show money I’m stacking yo
I quit my first job for music so Oluwa is backing yo yeah
Sun momi, sun momi yo mami
Big daddy Sparks dey gbadun your body
I gat my dark shades on but that no mean I no dey fancy you
Me and my boys dey ball steady see us dey do that alley-yoo
Your attitude, your attitude
Baby girl I dey feel your attitude
I want run my hands, all over your latitude. Sparks!

All of you yeah yeah,
said I’m bigger than all of you (yeah yeah) (3x)
If you no fit see am, say my guy na faith uhn

Verse 2
Take two, take two, I get one girl for ketu
yetu-nde, her booty, she say she dey come on tuesday
She no like the time when she dey spend for lekki toll-gate
She says I’m the baddest tell her she dey wash me dey wash me no colgate
No colgate, no colgate, I tell her say na she be my soulmate
Phcn manage give us light, dem give us low voltage, low voltage
No fit carry my AC
And when I get down I make her flow like the Zambezi. Sparks! (Ha ha)

All of you yeah yeah,
said I’m bigger than all of you (yeah yeah) (3x)
If you no fit see am, say my guy na faith uhn

Verse 3
Use the ATM, I’m so amazing damn!
Olorun I’m feeling stronger than 80 men
Some chicks no dey do well when you’re dating them
When you leave dem them go say that you’re hating them
Me I be fading them, I dey with some crazy men
We’re looking for some chicks and some lazy hens
Some girls too dey form na God be saving them (Olorun)
I dey ahead of all of una no age difference (uhn)

Riding around with a girl that look like Tiwa (girl that look like Tiwa)
Where we dey go say we just pass Get Arena ( just pass Get Arena)
Bend in the road we’re going to the cinema (to the cinema)
As a typical Naija girl she want shawarma

I’ve been writing good songs so now I’m cashing out (I’m cashing out)
I’ve been making good music so I’m cashing out (I’m cashing out)
My team is getting bigger so I’m cashing out (I’m cashing out)
I’ve been sipping on that liquor so I’m passing out

Ha ha I’m bigger than all of you (all of una)
Haters (all of una)
Said I’m bigger than all of you (big pass all of una)
If you no fit see am say my guy na faith. Sparks

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