Lyrics: Sparks – Honest

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Uhn this one wey una see so men I just got to say am the way the thing dey do me men
You know, I just got to tell the truth yo,
Just being honest
In God I trust yeah!

Hey what it do? yeah
Sparkamania… Naija Sparker

Somebody pray for me, sometimes it feels like I’m losing my mind
Catch me in the streets or in the studio I’m on my grind
On my grind, on my grind
Catch me all the time
I step into the booth put on the mic start spitting rhymes
Spitting rhymes, killing beats
Know say you dey feel me
Say make I stop my music wey no be you dey feed me
Eh! And I know say these mean streets be feeling me
All the hate from the haters just be killing me
My true fans out there still waiting on
Give the dead new life they be waking for me
Sparkamania, causing mass hysteria
Your favourite Mcs most of them no get criteria, academia, preferential
The naira is my capital
Turbulent on these beats the other rappers just laminar
Cannibal, hannibal
You’re listening to my seminar
Gat fans from here to SA and even Senegal
I love you Sparks (female voices echo)
Me I like wetin she dey talk oo
Hope she go come see me for house if e possible
Competition them, me leave them in the hospital
The boy is like a train on tracks see I go crush you too
Slow down make I tell you my Sapele story
When it comes to the beef me I be aboki (walahi)
Low key, pay me what you owe me
Shey you dey make mouth say you gat skills my guy show me
I dey see dem say dem want thief my style I no gree
To the homies wey we lose along the line rest in peace
Rest in peace, rest in peace
Until the day we meet
I dey rep all of una everytime I’m on these beats
Show respect to the greats, M.I and Modenine
I’m just being honest when I say Chidinma is so fine
That’s miss kedike (ehn), miss kedike (ehn!)
Would like to take her on vacation to a place in Abj
Or maybe overseas, abeg no cober me
This one wey I dey talk so na just over sabi, finally
Hate politicians I’m just being honest
No like commercial songs I’m just being honest
No love for homosexuals I’m just being honest
I’m a sure boy from delta I’m just being honest
Hit Rash is the best I’m just being honest
Sapele is the best I’m just being honest

Na the truth I dey talk e o

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  • You guys are doing an amazing job. May God expand your coasts. Amen.

    Sparks August 30, 2014 12:43 am

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