Lyrics: SplashJosh – Wrrd From Moms

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It’s melly mel on the beat tho
from detroit to ny with the sick flow
hate to say it but alotta niggas dying single
cus you all want a church girl that can deepthroat
big ass dreams on a little black nigga
the things we do cjust to be a star nigga
we all gifted, wrapped or not
yall are shooting for the stars killing astronauts
one time for dat girl with the crushed dreams
unbelievable talent she just wanted to sing
even with a broken heart she was singin thru the pain
it was madril like dem in spain
one lucky day mama looked her in the eye
you aint never ever ever gon make it sweetie pie
look at the odds all this people doing this
shooting niggas while sleeping just to kill they dreams
pass the pussy we hit it like cigars
even in the gates of hell she was fucking the guards
and if her head game right topping over the bars
she need pat on the back with a round of applause
word from moms is i need a break through
i need to meet an angel maybe gabriel
the ones to deliever blessings and miracles
divine intervention ill be a great dude
it’s able coming from above
i want the goodies of life that i don’t i even deserve
we gon make it in this world ain’t nothing they can tell us
shooting for the top just to make the bottom jealous
good girls dont exist in this simple world
but as for me i found love on a dimpled girl
and shes good as it can get even than megan
bring science and faith your love is one in a million
word from moms is i gotta treat you right
i gotta do the sweetest gay shit and be stupid nice
in our ups and downs just go up and down
and she’ll hang in there with you like it’s suicide
working 9-5 rocking walmart colors
managers acting like a pain in the buttocks
more work,less pay shit is horrible
thats the kind life that’ll really really humble ya
unanswered prayer is the murderer of faith
not living by the word you just murdering yourself
the future is bright the future is right
ill move thousands of y’all on a saturday night
the beauty of life is you all will know me
cos one day your favorite rapper will quote me
it’s a mystery babe, gone ask ya question
no religion, i just need you all to practice patience
cos this sick flow can turn your favorite rapper to a patient

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