Lyrics: SS Soundz – On My Grind

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Steady on my grind and I don’t give a Damn
Bad bitches post me pictures all on Instagram
Gat my niggers riding with me yeah I’m with my fam
We chilling up in Lagos or in Michigan or it could be Amsterdam
S,s,sound zzz in the building yeah we ball
We sitting on the top and we never gonna fall
I be like who’s the man now
YOU watch me while I ball
Fans on the defense like the sitting on the wall
And I say hey girl
I wanna spend my money all up on that booty
And I make you scream my name girl
YOU wanna chop my money
Now you de touch my body,touch my body
And it’s a late night I’m bout to catch an early flight
I’m steady on my grind my lips be itching for the mic
And my niggers down to ride like Kawasaki bikes
We in the money train and yeah we ain’t coming back(rio)

Steady on my grind and I don’t give a damn
All the shawty’s no that I’m the man
I’m the man
I’m the man
I’m the man
I’m the man

(Baba tee)
I wonder why they hate it when they see me grind
The playing my tape f you nigger press rewind
Lets make a toast to life
Can I get my glass of wine
A lady in red
Can I get my dutty whine
I’m the greatest
I’m the baddest boss that ever liveth
I’m locked up in vanity
Jay elim is my witness
Supaakos he take my statement
Fucking the game without durex
And now I don’t come
Rio we are back in business
I be handling my buis
Fragile take it with ease
If you see the boss it mean douches
Ladies feel my steis
And I do versace
And my outfits worth a mill
This is t ego the boss
I always dress to kill
I don’t give a damn half a billion
I’m the man
If you not talking paper
Manche I no send
All the ladies wan me bed
And their boyfriends want me dead
The money so long never gonna see the end

It s you p double a k to the o s
Guy no vex that I’m the man now
And your woman wearing no dress
B4 I blew they had no interest
Now I don blow bare girl I impress
Man of the year
Fine fine chicks wanna be my mistress
Funny how friends turn to haters
Just because we making paper
Real estate we buying acres
And I ain’t been broke in ages
Don’t give a damn now
I’m the man now
Hey uptown girl come soft wid
A downtown boy
Omoge you go experience joy
Don’t give a damn now
I’m the man now
Back to the rap
Stays on my grind no need for a nap
Life is a bitch,na she I de straff
Once in a while 2 chicks on my lap
Chicks on my lap
Fly like a bat
1 2 3 4 5
In the back
Backa even your back de attack
And yeah I go back your attack

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  • Wack flow bro no punchez

    Evagrin January 28, 2014 6:22 pm

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