Lyrics: Stack G – Am I Wrong

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Verse 1
I went from yunging to a grown up
All the shit i had to own up,To but now we getting Ho’s(holes) like doughnuts
And if you don’t know am feeling like Yoko Ono
Cus I blast STEREO but like Raski your Shit is MONO (Raski MONO)
Am I all up in my nephew car?
Peanut butter jell with the best few Mars
Bet I Gat a replica
The streets is cold better get a FUR
Am i wrong cus i wanna get it on till i die
Where’s my bong cus i finna smoke some till am high
i could walk into UI murder rappers till its only me
walk in unilag and do the same damn thing in moreme
Then walk into the bar and order more remy
Speaking metaphorically, middles in the air riding lawlessly
I move with kings like am on some checking shit
Claim they spicing up the game like the recipe
Is it maggi,curry,time?they aint specific
They say they balling when i checked they was REF-ing It
You’re a learner and your FATHER is the same
So amma school your POP Train a dad(Trinidad) like JAMES
Get it?

Am i wrong cos i wanna Get it on till i die x2
Yall Yall Remember Me x2

Verse 2
We put in work yeah we never talk the talk
Sex with a female judge so i guess its fuck the law
You mad i gat luck with words like Eminem mocking bird
Check the board check the scores oh you lost
Why always me am feeling like ballotelli
Should keep the shit a secret but maybe i’ll probably tell it
Told them the track aint ready, told them the track aint ready
But this bloggers want My leak(Maleek) something like Berry huh?
Wiz khalifa reefer EFFing up my state of mind
Pool full of liquor we dey dive,K.lamar
Kill them all, yeah I’ll probably kill them all
Nice on the 1st but tomorrow like a state in the USA He’ll annoy (Illinois)
Am taking shots like i was Jude Okoye
After all its a rap (wrap) bring a foil
Curtains close boy we about to close the scene stout with codeine in
Dj on his scratch like he over dosed on chloroquine

Am i wrong cos i wanna Get it on till i die x2
Yall Yall Remember Me x2

Verse 3

I’ll be hoping out the Benzes only just to try ford
I don finish album, oh my God Una Still dey try burst
And even if they don’t hype us
We’re still the most played on their girlfriends iPod
And like you wanna buy soap get a life boy( LIFEBUOY)
6ix Fan But I’ll probably stake on Cyprus
He’s better with the rhyming shit,
Aint lying G
I was born up in the block
Where i couldn’t get that guap
But i went and gat a map
And i found that shit
Since you’re not a fan of BIGGIE better PAC well
I gat space oya COME PARK(COMPAQ) Here but i heard that you prefer DELL
Get it? COME PARK(COMPAQ) Here but i heard that you prefer DELL
We be chilling at the arena, live at the 02
Me being down,something that i rarely go through
You talking shit about the boy like its so true
You’ll just get the finger something like Beverly osu

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Stack G is more than just your typical 18 year old rapper from Oyo state,Ibadan.He’s also by far one of the best lyricist from oyo state with tongue twisting skills which led him to win the 2nd runner up position in the “STORM THE MIC” competition at the age of 17.He grew up listening to a lot of 2pac,jadakiss, twista, M.I,Mode9 and Vector. Currently this up and coming act is working on his mixtape titled #BARTHEMATICS,there is no doubt that he is the future of Hip-Hop Music in Nigeria

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