Lyrics: Steveland – Cleo’s Mood (Wash Up)

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Fresh outta high school, I just got in college
Met a pretty tall model, tryna get a knowledge
Of her cell number; “No way Jose
You know we just met”, I’m like “okay
So what it gon be?
Cause by your body language I can tell you feeling me”
That’s when she smiled and said some other time
You know
We in the same faculty in the same school”
I said “It’s all good”
Trusting my instincts that I was gon see her soon
Never knew that it was gonna be the next day
I walked up to her and asked “what’s popping?”
She looks up at me, smiles and says “nothing” “much”
I say “we could take a walk,
Get an Ice Cream and if you up, we could talk”
That’s when she said “boy you’re really outta luck
Imma give you my number maybe later you could call me up
I really gotta get home, got a bus to catch”
I say “well, Imma leave you cause I got a cheque to cash”
So, later on I call the lady up
And we was on the phone from dusk till dawn
Then I paint the perfect picture of a date to her
I say “we could do something from Italia”
Told her “we could eat some fondue, then we could fun do
Then Imma fumble and fondle and … you
And anywhere you wanna go, Imma fund you
And anything you wanna do Imma fund you
And if you please me, Imma get fond of you
And if you please me more, I’ll raise the funds to
Something with a couple more Os
Girl you know I do it big cause the cash flows
And like the money got seeds, the cash grows
And I ain’t playing no games, no Hasbro”
Now back to reality, chilling in my dorm room
Couple’ con artists, you can call it a con dorm
I’ve got Chandon and a hard-on
And if she comes through, she’s gonna conform
And I don’t really care where she comes from
All I care about is the fact Imma get some
Sit on my long john, then you go home
And we’ll never speak again in the same tone.

And since that time
This girl be blowing up my phone
And she be like
Steveland, I love you
And I be like
Damn girl we was just having fun (you know)
We was just tryna fun do
I was tryna get some good good loving (you know)
You got serious, serious High Ocean Issues
And you’re gonna be needing a therapist

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