Lyrics: Steveland – Hold On, We’re Going Home

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Start the night off with a romantic comedy
Then a jazz restaurant, dine to the soft melody
We communicate like I do with nobody
I know that I’ve been ill, I think I finally found my remedy – the chronic
Girl I promise devotion and no competition
Cause “I want your hot love and emotion, endlessly”
You’re telling me about your past and how you want us to last
Let the past be the past, I’m not hoping to relapse
Hope I’m not taking it fast cause I don’t want us to crash
I don’t wanna make you hurt, I’m not Mr. Johnny Cash
I’m a nineties baby but you were born in the eighties
We be up in the Mercedes, playing hits from the eighties
Take a drive to the coast, where we make a toast
I’ve seen imposing moons but this one is the most
It’s always beautiful when there are stars in the sky
But nothing’s more beautiful than the stars in your eyes
Take a walk on the beach as we take in the cool breeze
Too much of everything’s bad even your good deeds
You say you feel nippy, you’re no longer at ease
So I give you my long sleeve and I say
“Just hold on we’re going home”

Uh yeah yeah
I’ve got that Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay
You get your sexual healing in any kinda way
And I think you’ve got a great body by the way
Woo! I just wanna hit (heat) it right away
*Slap* Ow! I mean (I’m in) the bath water
(You left a mark on me)
You could come join in and we could splash water
You coming in here’s gonna make the water hotter
I wanna be like CNN and go beyond borders
Whatever it costs girl, Ima pay the toll
Cause I’m a born winner, you know I’m not J. Cole
Your life’s a movie, I wanna play a prominent role
I’m kissing your lips but I feel connected to your soul
You feel wet, my tongue feels like a towel
I’ve got that heavy duty shit that’ll be tripping the power
From the centre of excellence, you feel it in your bowels
You let it out, I like it when the wolf howls
We make love like we making up. I put it down, you take it up
I’m a bully, beat it up.
She got me in a headlock
Bodies move in rhythm with the beats of our hearts
You put on a great show like you studied theatre arts
We rendezvous, you know we never gonna cum apart
I’m the best you ever had, now you gotta hit restart
And I’ve got an idea, we should always be together
Ima call you my deer (dear), you can call me your hart (heart)

You’re the girl
You’re the one
Gave you everything I love
I think there’s something, baby
I think there’s something, baby

You’re the girl
You’re the one
Gave you everything I love
I think there’s something, baby
I think there’s something, baby

Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
You act so different around me
Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be

Oh just hold on we’re going home (going home)
Just hold on we’re going home (going home)
It’s hard to do these things alone (things alone)
Just hold on we’re going home (going home, going home)
Hold on

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