Lyrics: Suave – Number

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titles=number- suave’ prod jaEy’O]

yeah! Haa!! haa!! Suave’
Haa! Check ’em.

As dem dey form we no talk
We (make d money in a rush) x 3
As dem dey chase mi o ole saree
Lyf (minus troubles ni mo yan) x 3
Wan kan tie binu ni won jina si numba
Wan kan tie yimu ni won jina si numba

Verse 1:
Haaa! I’m jez bad lyk d@
I heard ma last 1 wz a bang lyk d@
Gals dancing n shaking dem Ass lyk d@
U wish 2 b a problem bh I dnt care bout d@
Dey say I’m flashy, its a fact!!
I’m cute, I’m fresh n I’m classy
Moving so fast so nothin fit stop me
1st class so nothn can top me
Luv me don’t hate don’t copy
Me 4 d gals, me 4 d fans , me 4 d music n me 4 d cash
No free shows I get paid 4 d bash
Cleared ma bills now I pay my task
I pad d way now I’m a star in d galaxy
Fly high so dem gals wna follow me
Big thins n d rest wna swallow me

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
Call me! Fine boy no fallacy
Rap lord ama rap addict
N d chic so fine wants a baby by me
Money long n we still counting
(Heyyy!!) But it rily dnt matter
G@ no problem so I rily don’t bother
Magazines g@ ma face on d cover
I’m your galfriend’s favourite can’t u see bolo
Case closed! Bh wetin u dey try talk
its a one-way cruise
I win all d tym so u brodas can lose
Me on d rap, me on d huk
I’m d best selling copy brand new book
L.V shades with ma brand new look
U jez cald me a master yeah u g@ a clue
I jez murdered d beat I’ll get sued

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
No more more jati jati
No more more roti roti
No more more haaaaa!!
No more more heyyyy!!
No more fo ase fo iresi x 3

(Repeat Chorus)

Huh! Huhh! Huhh! Huhh! Huhh! Huhh! Yeah!
Jaey’O on d beat nigga
Smallz I see u my homeboy
Bisi baby
Suave’ no1 in d game baby
Peace out, 1 luv

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