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[Intro: Suté]
Those the songs that i heard first
In the city head first filled with men with that blood thirst
Still on this sandy road
Looking forward to what life unfolds
What do i control?
So i packed up all my load
Waved to my past then i headed for the door
Many had passed but i hadn’t before
The knowledge i was slaving for was more
Yo i’m heading to Badagry
Jumped in a plane and I landed the same
In a land bound in shackles and chains
Life was never the same
Spoke my name it never sounded the same
Made these niggas all adjust to my frame
Then acquired some fame
This world was new filled with progress and pain
All this knowledge it affected my brain
Wait for me to explain
My old world now i never could claim
But i have to proclaim
Matter fact yo
I’m heading to Badagry

[Hook: Suté]
Yo I’m heading to Badagry (3x)

[Verse 1: Suté]
So i landed no jet lag
Whats the next act
Hit my brother up like homie can i rest now
Try to make moves
This is chess now
New to the city but i gotta get nm rep now
But you know how
These guys play you when they think that you local
Had to show style
Always strange when you’re new to an old crowd
So easy to get lost like an old file
I get vocals
Them go know now
And to the guys who showed respect i am loyal
Cause i’m royal
Just a cub but they know i can roar now
Lion king
Money buys you finer things
What’s the cost of hiring people with a higher brain?
All these targets I had aimed
Feel so different yo its changed
Saw my land had stayed the same
And refused to ever change

[Hook: Suté]
Yo I’m heading to Badagry (3x)

[Verse 2: Suté]
Now i’m loving the life and can’t let go
Keeping it fresh yo
But the end of the month is like a death blow
When the cash low
Problems grow long like the beard of Castro
When it got cold
Had homies that’ll wrap me in their own clothes
They my earth yo
Wanna tell you that I love ya’ll to the death bro
Now that ya’ll know
Let’s get this money that’s deserving of us yo
We would blow trees
We were OG’s
Sing this song loud if you’ve ever known me
Know my story
Is one of glory
Whole team played the final picked th trophy
Payed the whole fee
Prayed to God like when I get home please
Let me know to use this knowledge to expose these
Quote – unquote theives
Glad i’m free after we made that journey to Badagry

[Hook: Suté]
Yo I’m heading to Badagry (3x)

[Verse 3: Suté]
There’s something strange about travelling
overseas for the Uni life niggas hustling
I swear it’s kinda worth it cause of things you get exposed to
Teaches you to stand on your own two
Let nobody hold you back from what your dream is
Grew up with extreme kids
That I wish had seen this
But I drove for all of us
Sufferers, descendants of Romolus
Had to bring it home cause this zone has the bulk of us
You would hear my tone and be like ‘he ain’t one of us’
Judging my oesophagus
Language that we speak, that’s the surface but
We relate to all of us
On a deeper level than this song can absorb of us
Let me reach where you at
Let me be the new cat
That paves the way so creative guys can react
Let me speak on Bantu, tell you where we at
Let me speak on Neo-Africa and the new map
See my guy it’s not further math
I’m just trying to take it further than
Mr. Soyinka, Achebe, even my brother man
Shoutout to M.I, he said I should murder them
And my homie in the heavens hope you smiling down
Know you proud that your boys close to the crown
We will hold it down
I swear we would hold it down
Even Idara know, my brother Terna is the reason that I started prose
Even Abe knows when this shit started yo
And Isgidi pushed me, wish I had ObiWan with me
Came back from Uni and my bro Tay tripped me
My nigga Martin told me find a suit that’ll fit me
Now it’s time for history
Back like you missed me
Spell my name right when you gist me
Nigga I am listening
Cause i’m back from Badagry

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