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Flutiano, flu flu flutiano
Don’t be surprised
Its another sutbeat classic..

Verse 1
Trace it back to wee linez appears to be the game crack, fact stacked.
How to create my sound with freelance sb the magic making sound la, la la la.
Crazy melody , when i had the dreams, dreams!
4real i have to find the means ,
Taking the bull by horn , stunting to,
All my kneel on prayers never wallow , wallow,
I aint trying to cope at about who gees stacks,
And me paying my dews never who get pop,
I’m just trying to be aint dragging who own spot,
You know who this 935 aint no way.

Verse 2
Now they call me sutflute,
Blend to all the rhymes and get full blues
I’m still chilling right here with the full troop,
I got my hope on god no be juju, jujr dont ask me what’s the i.d spreading all over here thats the idea,
I’m still me not keep yellin na dem sabi,
Who gat it first no be who come sabi,
Frontin malibu, tactical,
I rather play it had to prove, practical,
My rhyme is moving out for truth i aint weaker,
Is time for you to ride for truth fact is fact..

Verse 3
Hey! Never gonna run away,
Matching to my hay,
If you talk am na your way,
I no wetin dey, still am grabbing more right!
Please don’t ask why cuz i don’t even know why!
Just doing me never following known right!
Gat my futuristik going on right!
See , mr flutiano gat me stack in the game with my armour,
In me, we dont look down,
We learn to know, we are, we know ,
We the same thing

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