Lyrics: T-Nature – Kingshii

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Verse 1
Rolling with bang Lee, eja nla gan ma Leyi, tnature gan ma Lemi Fadeyi Oloro gan ma Leyi.
Cos I gat the grown,I gat the chains,I gat the swag I gat the fame
Moti bawon to lenu roll so am not the same, nibo na to gbori wa oya crush their brain.

My garri na koko,my water na koko, designer na koko. Am the man the koko
Ohun wan o Leto, ohun wan o ki to that’s why I got called to flog them otito.

You gat to scream louder, it’s tnature ama hit it harder,Ama give you harder, am d’banj oya hit them harder.

Verse 2
Ti mo bati wole e respect mi , officer kankan o le inspect mi
E lo kowo wole ke ya wa invest ni,
Iyalaya gbogbo yin o le impress mi

Lion meji wole, ke ya gbori wole, ke ya gbowo wole, ke ya gbomo wole
I’m a king in the game,I’m a beast in the game, devouring other rappers I’m a beast in the game.

When I kill rappers e ni le charge mi, charger yin ti blow battery yin ti low.
Eyin gan o ni le chance mi, banga ti know Lee gan to know.
Lokeloke le ma class mi dbanj the king call him white Lion. I dey hustle my game call me hungry Lion.
Mo ti kowo wole bullion van ko daa mo…

Verse 3
Many in the game dey try to burst,dey show their skills that they can kill the beat, they try to spit what’s on their mind but I look and smile and rest my back.
I sound like nobody bagas! e ma lo ro p’eyin gan ni standard. I do that Yoruba n spit English crossbreed lawa a de tun street.
Igboro it’s being a longtime moti BOLOWO WAN before I TONGOLO , now girls FALL IN LOVE am like WHY ME, moti GBONA FELIFELI she’s FEELING THE NIGGA she’s kissing the nigga, she tripping the nigga Jugunu am classic other rappers gbaski.
Murder is the case mo le f’ogun gan bu’ ra si (2x)

The king is here(2x) t-nature
The king is here(2x) Jugunu
The king is here(2x) we murder them
The king is here(2x) motherF

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