Lyrics: T-Twyne – Cross My Mind [Remix] ft. Kevin Cossom, Damian Marley

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T-Twyne: What’s up Boo-Boo
Girl: Hello T
T-Twyne: How you doing?
Girl: I’m fine
Girl: Where you at?
T-Twyne: O’ Oh.. I’m in the studio right about now, i’ma get back to you when i’m done.. Love you

CHORUS (Kevin Cossom)
I love it when you cross my mind, my mind, my mind
I think about you all the time, all the time, all the time
Girl I cant get my mind off youoowhoo
I cant get my mind off youoowhoo
I cant get my mind off youoowhoo
Girl its you no one but you
Cause You’re my baby girl

Verse 1 (T-Twyne)
Ever since the 1st day
Your face (has) been on replay
In ma head; on my mind
That clip won’t go away
Its like i’m day dreaming
Trying to face reality
Girl i keep falling
Like you work with gravity

I told em, i told you
Girl you’re my life
And when ma cell phone rings
Ma life’s on the line
You know i’ll never lie
Unless you wanna ride
I’ll do it to you
Morning, afternoon, evening, night

You’re a Go-girl
I know what you like
And you ain’t never shy
So i ain’t gotta brag
My girl so fine
Like some ancient wine
You always cross the line
Like you’re an immigrant han!!

(Repeat Chorus)

VERSE II (T-Twyne)
It ain’t funny
How time flies
When you’re right by my side
Like a soldier and its (AK)47
The hood knows we
And ma boys all fronting
Cos they’re scared
You gonna blow my mind (like sept)9/11

I don’t f#ck with ma RIHANNA
You’re under my UMBRELLA (i’ll) fight for you
Its so deep when we CONVERSE
Chuck taylor in this b#tch
You know we’re ALLSTARS

Throw them deuces when we drive-by
Them girls hating cos they know
You on the right track hian!
I’m never mad even when you got me frowning
You’re sent from above
So we’re a match made in heaven

(Repeat Chorus)

VERSE III (Damian Marley)
(Repeat Chorus)

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