Lyrics: T-twyne – Keep Moving ft. Judge Ibala

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Yea (clears throat) let’s do this huh!

Twyne’s all about this game..Chess
Running round a circle wearing gold..Safe sex
Heading to the top from the top like i’m base-less
Blood’s in my hands cos i just killed the beat..YES

Making changes with the things i touch like i’m too blessed
Getting cheddar from the words i spit..I’m the business
The hustle seems negative but the picture’s perfect
i’ma keep doing this till i take my last breath. (Huh)

My crew’s chasing money over here you’re a spectator..Na we be the athletes
cos we stay stuntin’
now they wanna front we
until we got paid f#ck teddy-bear (huh)

I’m in this booth call it nothing
but watch the end product of this session bring me something
respect or whatever cos dues i’ve been paying
you say you go fit run 16, no shaking mic’s on…. (like a b#tch in her period).

I’m running away from poverty cos it got a gun
it gon take you off your feet like that chick from the east
hustle hustle hard like i got a ref-camp to feed.

This life you go hustle eh!
You go struggle
You go bustle
You go stumble eh!

You go start to dey grumble eh!
You go dey lenuenueh

This life’s about the hustling eh!
Its about the struggling eh!
Till you’re breaking-in… You go..
Till you’re making it
So keep moving.

Now hustle is the ransom
i’m pushin’ cos i’m on one
i go so hard like ruby and diamond on this one
headin’ to the spotlight
yea i’m so mobile
no power holding (PHC) but i’m steady charging.

I ain’t got to be young to be restless
i wanna live good, why the f#ck i’m gon bed rest
moafuqaz keep talkin sh#t
cos your pop’s rich
but i stand tall above six feet.

On my own that’s what i call it
hip-hop’s disciple its paths i’m steady threading
and i don’t love to count unless its benjamins
black man in love with the white money.

I do it BIGGS i ain’t talkn’ bout MR
too much love for the streets i’m gon miss her
she made me
hands full of blisters
now i’m strong flying like a shooting star.


See this song it is part of ma soul
Anytime i’m singing i dey start to dey go
Its making me to feel like i done start to kolo
Its making me feel like i go fall for the road
As me and T-Twyne oh! Decides to do it ina grand style eeh oh
My brother no time oh eeh oh
No time oh eeh oooooh!!

As long as my head’s on my neck i’ma always keep it up
brought my BALLS to this pitch i don’t need a pass to score
i’ma keep DOing ME like the twin peter & paul
making moves like a child trynna take its 1st walk

Got the love for the game but my hand’s for the pay
talking money right here i don’t care what they say
i’ma f#cking rolling stone, get the pebbles out the way boy
so get these pebbles out the way.


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