Lyrics: Tallest – In the Morning

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Verse 1
Like Martin Luther King, boy with a dream
Biwonfe biwonko, I gotta make my cream
But kole easy when you’re coming from the ghetto
Toba ruyin loju, you can check bio of Dagrin
Olajide Tallest yeah, that’s the name
And to fly among the stars yeah, that’s the aim
Boring days boring nights, that’s how I spend my days
Kosowo ko s’ounje, datz what mama would say
R.I.P si iyami, she move to another phase
She left me with the best Dad, so I ain’t gat a case
Moranti igbati popsi lost his job in my early years
Fi ese rin lati Agege de Ikeja just to get some change
Ti baba batun ma de, it’s with a Figo
With tears in his eyes, forgetting about his ego
Ama lora eba kolobe larin oru la ti je sari
Shout out si aunty Nahee she is my second mummy!

Verse 2
Hash tag this, bring back our girls
Everyday lanpariwo, bring back our girls
Can you imagine what they’re doing to this little girls
Abiamo aye edide, for this little girls
Ogede nbaje, ede lo’n pon si
Se asiko otito kedide kebawa dasi
I wonder how our leaders can even sleep at night
Can’t you hear this girls crying out every night?
But oloriburuku yin, oshi lekon bakiri
Nkan t’on peyin si, ohunn lekon dasi
Ina joyin labe aso, but you don’t care
Wasting money on useless confab, shey you no dey fear
If the fact don’t fit the theory, change the fact
If our leader don’t do sh*t, we will change our path
We’ll turn to tout, we’ll cause a riot, we’ll take to streets, we’ll burn your house
Eti toka niru mole, dandan ni keri ija ejo
Some say oke lohun lo ti’n sele, pe k’otide Eko
Iyeni kawa lajule, kitalubo kosi
Moti’n lo ayemi, mi oni f’owo gbomo sin
Atemi atebi mi, ani bawon na posi

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