Lyrics: Tekno – Pray For Nigeria ft. Ice Prince

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My Nigeria
Give me (yea yea)
After all i’m just one small musician
But why not but (Tekno)

[Verse 1: Tekno]
Do you see? What i see
When i look, as me come see?
Do you feel what i feel
From the heart of a truely night a soldier
It feels like me be fighting me
Tell me how is it fair? Fire burn me
Cause we are one but fighting instead of loving and jumping, celebrating
Mummy said

[Chorus: Tekno]
I believe in love (i believe in love)
I believe in peace yea yea (i believe in peace)
I believe in success with one voice
But let us come togethe (gether, gether)
Do you believe in love? (Do you believe in love)
Do you believe peace? (Do you believe in peace)
Do you believe in one voice
When nigerians all come together (gether, gether)
Brother, Sister yeah yeah
Pray For Nigeria
Pray For Nigeria

[Bridge: Tekno]
Me nor wan hear say them kill nobody
Me nor wan hear say them shoot nobody
Me nor wan hear say them rob nobody
If we can live as one yeah (yea yea)
Me nor wan hear say them shoot nobody
Me nor wan hear say them kill nobody
We nor wan hear
We nor wan hear

[Verse 2: Ice Prince]
Choc, choc
Choc, choc, choc, choc, choc, choc, choc, choc, choc
I don dey tire to dey hear say bomb explod for my city
Na that kind thing they make we live in shame and in pitty
I use to think it can never blow in just my communite
Before i run commont, come they hustle hard for Las-gidi
NowAdays everybody don they watch C.N.N
As we they see them with bullet so we gat’s fear them
Non Of That (Managat)
See them badman demma blast Miami
And i remember life was street, nigga from back were them?
You see them bangers on the street, you see my people demma run
Dem mam dem carry gun and be chilling out for fun
But it steady me to go committe murder on the street
I rather do a murder on the beat
All i gat is love

[Verse 3: Tekno]
One country we peace O
One people we peace O
One Nation we peace O
One flag we’re rise sure, sure
One Nigeria we peace O
Whether na Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, we go all sure
One people we peace O (peace o oh oh ahhhh)
I believe in this what about you
Pray for we country so everything better sure
And God know Tekno, Me and Ice Prince dey sure
If you join we, we are make it better
One love, we are make it better
If you join we
one love, we are make it better

[Outro: Tekno]
Pray For Nigeria
Pray For Nigeria

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I'm a simple guy who smiles and jokes alot but when it come's to spitting i don't joke with it. That means i be M.C too o, love to be a great person of my time. Thanks...!!!!


  • who's the girl that sings one love at the end ?

    nice song.

    tosinbird May 16, 2015 3:10 am
  • The girl that sing “One Love” at d ending is unknown.. I guess that voice is attached to the instrumental…

    Snizzaru May 29, 2015 4:01 am
  • god save the kings of african musician

    itz armfresh September 15, 2019 12:53 pm

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