Lyrics: Temmzy – Love Me ft. Sleek T

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Temmzy rap 1:
Tell me what you been wanting wanting and the reason why you be fronting and fronting
You re the beauty i’m the beast
Imam fight for your love gotto use ma feast
Chase hard you can say i’m on nitro
When they say “stop”imma say hug a light pole
You like a diamond found in the dirt
You be ma number one even though i flirt
Lets roll like cobie and shak
Imma take care of you never let you lack
On ma contacts you be ma a list and then on twitter you be ma favourite
So slow you be getting me tipsy
I’m at your service holla out “temmzy
Without your love where would i be e dey make me dey high like i smoke carnabiz
Anstalabista dance to this beat make you go call your sister
Its temmzy dey hot
Tell me the way you dey fell make i know

If you love me, i go love you 2x
je ka se re 2x

Temmzy rap2:
So i’m back and i’m back in the game
If you chase me imma come back again
You so hot i can say you dey blaze
With the way you dey smile e dey make me dey craze
Shey na cash imma spend it all
If say na groove imma dance it all
7 days imma be faithful you don enter ma heart you don make breakthrough
Come close lemme whisper to you say the nice things that you really really wanna hear
Cuddle up we can walk on the beach if you changing the style baby tell me make i switch
You dey make me shak
With the way the way

Sleek t bridge:
Omo ele be ma baby
Would you be ma honey?
See as you dey gbon gbon me
I want you to meet mummy
The way you dey whine and dey whine you dey twist and dey twist you dey make me sing hey
Come come make we dance ey eh
Like the way you rock your body
O baby girl i like the way
You and i we go rock all night
Say you dey blow ma mind
I like the way you whine on me

If you love me, i go love you 2x
je ka se re 2x

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