Lyrics: The Ises – Other World

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I’m telling her “Baby would you turn it down, the world isn’t any fun
When you’re young you live it up but soon you’d be jaded”

She’s telling me, “Baby I’m just twenty one, getting used to getting drunk. The night is still young so let’s get faded”

I’m a Vampire, I live alone in my coffin and I’m bad and I’m sworn to never see the sun. The moon and a blunt and a bad skinny girl sitting on the lid whispering “Baby, where are we going?”

She in all black, pretty little thing from the city with all the wrong ideas
Kiss her red mouth, blood on her sweet pierced tongue and I don’t think she cares


There’s pain in your chest and you say you want me,
There’s blood on your dress and you say you want me
I think that you’re lying when you say you want me


Girl hold on while while I’m running
Love in your eyes so you’re keeping them closed
Fear in your eyes, like you’ve seen a ghost
claws in the wind taking off you clothes
You’re falling off, hold on baby, don’t fall in love
I hear you screaming “Baby go slow”



I know danger is the prettiest colour
We know nothing but the rush, nothing but the magic


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