Lyrics: Tiga Maine – Emtee Da Hustler

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My whole team try’na make famous.
I told my fam,
I’m bout to change my lanes.
Got one eye like fetty wap,
I roll up with Emtee Da Hustler.

Makungena mina,
Errything is changin’.
I ran up to the city,
Where I left my daughter at.
Got no time for playin’ these hoes,
Cause they make me wet.
Le game is so funny,
I don’t need no drama.
Niggas trippin’ on me,
Bout my sugar mama.
I’m dabbin’ on my pulpit,
Feelin’ like obama.
My flows are boomin’ places,
I’m feelin’ like osama.
I told my niggas pray,
They decided to play.
I used to dab,
Manginezinja zam’.
City Lyts tell ’em,
Now I’m takin’ over.
You mess with me,
Ntwana uzozisola.
Nobody knows bout me,
I’m feelin’ like a stranger.

Fasi zolo lapho,
Sibe high.
Alikho ilanga,
Lama hala ntwana.
Sispana everyday,
Lana sizele izaga.
Emtee Da Hustler,
Is my mentor.
Lemme ask,
Why you hatin’ on me.
Niggas with no hope,
They be flexin’ on me.
How old iam?
My cousin’ took an hour,
To say my name.
She told me that,
She don’t need my money.
She said she wants to fuck,
With everybody.
I was inlove with that girl,
Since january.
Rollin’ with hella bands,
Stacked up with rubber bands.


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