Lyrics: Tiiboy – Ashiri

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Na because of you,
I dey do, wetin i dey do,
Na to make am up to you,
Cos na you dey take me higher,
Na ashiri, say na you i just dey kiri,
Everybody don dey miri,
Say you dey make me maga,
Na ashiri(8 times)

Verse 1:
Butterflies in my tummy, cos i find true love,
So real and pure, this is surely from above,
The almighty formula, my problem you solve,
Still i can’t think straight, all i see is curve,
Even in my dreams, can somebody wake me up,
Could dis be true love, let me know whats up,
If it’s really happening then, it shouldn’t stop,
Cos am so high, i feel like am ontop,
I feel like i am blessed, far above the rest,
Is like i got an s, written on my chest,
I feel like am the king, ruler of the world,
If i have one thing to say, then you are the word,
Bone of my bone, my flesh and my blood,
My ornament of gold, with the silver stud,
You are the wind from the north, coming to the south,

Blowing on my garden, my spices flow out.

Verse 2:
My one and only, loving you makes me holy,
Brings me glory, now i can tell a new story,
Back in the days when i was young, i keep it laylow,
Standing behind walls, peeping out of the window,
Now am bold enough to say i love you, outside,
Cos i know better, who is really the bride,
Aside, your love, you wonderful and fine,
Even as time go by, sweeter is the wine,
If love has a definition, i say it’s you,
Am falling in love, pls catch me boo,
Cos you are my saviour, while am disciple,
And anywhere you lead, i follow like mathew,
Fair as the moon, and clear as the sun,
You are like a lily, among thorn,
My heart keeps skipping, whenever you speak,
You are my medication, cos am lovesick.

Verse 3:
It’s really no air, cos you take my breath,
Now i really know love, is as strong as death,
And the reason everyman, would give up his wealth,
And y words can’t explain, the feeling i felt,
Even when am sleeping, my heart is still awake,
At the very sight of you, i tremble and shake,
I become speechless, i don’t know what to say,
But deep down within, my love is here to stay,
Until the day breaks, and shadows flee away,
Cos everytime with you, i see a better day,
Your mouth is most sweet, i kiss it for long,
Cos honey and milk, are all under your tongue,
Let me hear your voice, that makes my heart skip,
Cos you are the treasure, for life i want to keep,
The fruitful one, that bears me sons and daughter,
It’s time to take you home, introduce you to my mother

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