Lyrics: Tillaman – Different Level

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For that one special lady
Ye ye ye!

Some girls dem fine but no-one be like you
I swear I no dey lie
O yato gaan
You get the right to po and shakara
So I wanna thank your mama and papa

Ye ye ye (special lady)
Ye ye ye

Gbo mi omoge (listen)
You are so beautiful
I wanna get with you, tonight
Tonight, o mu inu mi dun
I’ll take good care of you
Gbogbo aye lati mo…
You’re on a different level

Ma ba e fo (o di dandan)
Mo ni lati ba e jo (o di dandan)
Anywhere you go, I go follow (o di dandan)
Got to let you know (you’re on a different level)
Ma fe e ni (o di dandan)
O ni lati fe mi ni (o di dandan)
Ma gbe e lo ile (o di dandan)
Let you show (you’re on a different level)


The way that you walk
The way that you toss
Makes me know that you’re the one for sure
In your eyes
I see a shining star
Wanna be right where you are
It’s time that you know…
You’re on a different level



Your star
Your smile
Your attitude
Makes all the boys wanna get with you
And all the girls wanna be just like you
So I know they know you’re on a different level


Come and be my wifey (you’re on a different level)
No we won’t be fighting (you’re on a different level)
Imma treat like a queen that you are (you’re on a different level)
See mo kun le mo dupe lowo mama ati baba to bi e saye (you’re on a different level)


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