Lyrics: Timi DaBlackOne – No Be Today

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titles=Timi – No be today (master)]

Verse 1:
I wake up in the morning I say thank u God coz I remember where I’m coming from
Before before it was a struggle to chop but thank goodness not anymore
Now I seem to be winning the race but nobody ever seems to remember the place
where I’m coming from but no be today, already got my hands dirty u see


Some ppl tryna holla at me, they asking how u become a baller mate
Coz now we mostly spending dollar mints, I look dem and I shake head i shake head
Emi o bolanle, mo sise sise titi ola fi de, mo fi ya je ra mo ‘n soro aje
When u de sleep I don wake, se I de make sense

No be today! I don de titi de hustle
That’s why today! I can do anything I want to
I de work and play! Na my money and na my life too
See no be today! So I can do anyhow I want to

No be today ay ay ay….

Verse 2:
I live life on my terms I eat what I earn
I done my homework n now I’m chilling in the sun
A 9 to 2 job n still time for the studio, I got a good life a good wife don’t be hating tho
Did my fair share of labour now we big time n major
Shiiii I don’t even need a day job
But still on the hustle yo, tho I may be comfortable
Rest for sharp man? Nahhh still a ways to go


(Chorus: x2)


No be today ay ay ay….

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