Lyrics: Tito Da.Fire – Bring Ur Lovin Back ft. Vector

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(Written By: Uduak J.Peters, (ASCAP/COSON)
Published by: Gent2men Entertainment Concept. Copyright(c) 2012

titles=Tito Da.Fire-Bring ur Lovin Back ft Vector]

Spoken: Baby, Please come back
I love you from the depth of my heart, come back home.

Verse 1
YOU told me not to leave you,
you said I would be your man,
you told me not to leave you,
you said I would be your friend,
you taught me how to treat you and
be everything a man could ever be,
and I loved you, never left you cos
I hoped that someday you would be mine,
you left me and you hurt me,
now am crying in my heart
I wanna know

Wetin I go do, Wetin I go say,
Wetin I go do to bring your loving back, My loving you is true,
Every dream I have is you,
Wetin I go do to bring your loving back…
oh oh oh oh..
bring your loving back.x4

YOU know girl, it aint fair leaving me
You know that you’re the only one
I have been thinking how
we could share this loving now
I didn’t know you’d leave me suddenly
Please gimme gimme gimme
Your lovin there’s no hurting
Cos baby we would live in
Sweet love and harmony
Oh girl,
YOU left me wondering
YOU left me thinking
YOU left me lonely
I cannot deny
The fact girl,am empty without you ooh o ooh yeah


Nibo lowa (wa), where you dey now
Listen how we used to lay down
Skin feels cold under the duvet
Kinda feeling like december in the UK
But I try to get warm(warm)
With the tots of things that we’v done
This love contract that we’re on
I promise, my honesty-
See I, I would not cheat I
So why would you cheat I,
I know I got ego
But I gotta do this with Tito
The loving is food -mo ti yo
Can’t wait no more, am gone


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