Lyrics: Tito Da.Fire – We Run Things ft. Jaywon,Tiwa Bank, Jo-el

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Tito Fire

Awa la ni ile eh hey hey, we dey run this place eh hey
Awa la ni ile eh hey, we dey run this place eh hey
We dey run things- hey, We dey run things- hey
We run things- hey hey, Na we dey run things- ai ai

Verse 1 – Tito Da.Fire

You say i will never make it, you say I dey form, say I just dey fake it
I see you just dey try to take it, But I wear the crown you can never take it
E dakun bad man, E yee ma buga- ah, (please badman stop the hatred)
E dakun mister ah, E yee maa gaapa ah (please mister, stop the arrogance)
Cos this na my time I go rock am well, If u try to stop me u go fall for well,
Even with your poli, u no dey do am well, Even the streets dem know say we sell well


Verse 2 – JO-EL
This is my town this is my zone, Everybody feeling free feeling at home
this is how we rung things, we are not alone, Lagos to London Even to Rome,
People living happily nobody causing trouble, We’Re hustling struggling we are walking on thedouble,
All the mama and papa them dey happy dem wan bubble, Say their pikin e don make money for hustle,
Anya eh barka kude, all my Idoma people how una dey
From Kaduna Abuja, Otukpo, Sokoto All over Nigeria, we dey run di place hey

Verse 3 – Tiwa Banks
Ile ni ile mi, mio ma ri baba eni’le lemi (this house is my house, I cant see who can chase me away)
Mio yo owo lapo ni ile’ nibi (I haven’t taken money from my pocket in this house)
Won fe lo yo ike wa ninu ile’nibi , (yet they wanna fight me here)

E dakun brother, E yee ma buga- ah, (please badman stop the hatred)
E gbo mi sister ah, E yee maa gaapa ah (please mister, stop the arrogance)

Refrain- Tito Da.Fire

That’s why no matter what they say (dem no fit to stop us now)
Even thought they want to try (dem no fit to break us down)
We dey run, we dey rock, we dey play, we dey shine
Cos we know, na we run this place hey

Verse 4 – Jaywon
Ile lati’nkeso ro dee Ti’nba lo ma pada sile x2
Every now and then when I wake up and I see the light,
The sun that shines from the east to the west makes me believe
The future is bright and no matter how far I go maa pada sile we run things
From Abuja to austrillia, Them know say we came from Nigeria, we too baada
And we never forget area, who we are ah
Tito da.Fire on the Beat baby, Park well

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