Lyrics: TMXO – 2 P’s in a Pod

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_Verse 1_
Say baby no
Óya duró naa
Tęęti ki ó wa
Kó gbo naa
Nje ó raanti ojo naa
Ti mó bi e titi ti oô daun
Émi gaan gaan warrior
Come let me take you down
With my uuuum uuuum
Wa saré wa
saré wa
Saré baby

Now imma let you know
Then you gonn let them
Let them know
Mó ti jeun lo naa oo
Eémi gaan gaan
Mó ti jeun lo naa oo
Kilón sé ę naa wanbi ko soro
I’m the king ofcourse you my lolo
There’s no need for all this long talk
Make we go back
Make we go koro

You must go looooooow
Baby girl go looooooooow
Baby girl
Go doooown
Imma tell you one more time
Go down
Baby go baby go down
Sloooow wiiiiiind (repeat hook but replace “go low n go down” with “slow wind”)

_Verse 2_
Omo buruku
Baby kiléléyi
Kiya kiya
Mosa mosa
Ję ka rélé
I’m feeling your coke bottle
Bad figure 8
You making me forget
Now what is today’s date?
Saré wa naa jeka relate
Don’t mind dem other girls now
You can let them hate
I think I know the reason
Idi ni yen to fiin hate
To ba je mo ję éyan
Idi yęn ni ma gbé sori plate

Say girl I own the place naaw
say where ya go
No be race naaw
Say no dey look uche face naaw
Girl Lójó jumo
You dey make me crase naaw

Girl just do the things you do
That kill me
And you know
That I wount leave you Oooh
Baby yes you know

Let then know

Down to the floor

Let then know

Let them know

You bad gaan
Let them know

You bad gaan
Let them know

You bad gaan
Let them know

You bad gaan
Let them know

you bad gaan
You bad gaan

Let them know….

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