Lyrics: Tonicode – The Box (M.I Abaga)

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Verse 1

I break the box, remake the box,

thinking that they like the box,

thinking that they hate the broken box,

This is giving thought,

to the fact that there’s no standard,

to the music we demanding

this is me, no reprimanding,

Please go and tell the man dem!

im a king, i was told, living cold like a toad,

i’m like the revenant with the broken bones, pulling my body through the

i’m like Di Caprio, sipping on the capri sonnes, really, i’m just waiting
for the Grammy ya’ll

Out of the box, they giving it thought, should i be thinking so much on a

We not be feeling this rapping or rhythm, gimme Olamide with the pidgin,

Ignorant reconnaissance, is truly whats diminishing,

these critics finna see a rap legend who is me,

no pun intended, i’m just saying, some of you are lame,

Hiphop is the movement, our expression is the medium,

so I’m just saying to all you artists,

make us dance and make us think

Use your art to innovate,

write some music with your ink

Verse 2

I choose to not be swayed by what the industry has made,

they tell me dum it down, so i try to numb it now,

whats the point if you only getting a static point,

happiness is prime to reach an ecstatic point

i’ve been doing this since 20, never made a single penny,

these artists plenty, but many just doing this for penny

Motivation is the key to be what you want to be,

So i no send you, no go pretend to, if you no like me make i no catch you,

Boty boy with a boty flow, i go body you,

leave these bodies on the floor, that how we go,

its the swagger and delivery, wordplay and the poetry,

anyone can do it, you just got to put your mind into it see

you just got to put your mind into it(2x)

Break the boxes no boundaries, free!

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  • Dope lines!

    Rubix February 28, 2017 12:08 pm

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