Lyrics: TooSleek – The King is Here (Remix)

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Riding through the city in a porsche panamera
With a very pretty lady whom I love to call pamela
she’s a queen
And I’m a King
And Yea we’re sweeter than vanilla
Got these rappers bowing down to us
We Run the panorama
With no hammer
But I’m nailing women in winter and summer
And I leave em with a redneck
like a lizard called agama
I live a creamy life
I’m sweeter than salad mixed up with bama
And my mama told me baby
Go get higher than Obama

So a nigga is getting bigger by the minute
And so many niggas are comming out Because they wanna beat me
And I mean it
When I blow boy
I’d be bigger than a milli (million)
No gram (milligram)
But the maths (Mass (g))
Can make a genius go down
Unless you balance the equation listen nigga don’t frown
Cos there ain’t no other nigga taking away my crown
I’mma never touch down
Nigga better calm down don’t be waiting for my failure I will never crash down
Go tell em BANJ!!

Verse Two
I’m getting the Rands and the Nairas don’t blame me some times I’d be crazy (AB crazy)
You know I’m a Gee (Emmy Gee)
When i smile with my dimples (Dj Dimplez)
I render you lazy
Like it’s white the future is bright and my nigga I’m Yellow
My specie is Daisy
My music is A sharp
I cannot be on C (Beyonce)
I don’t Hover (Hovah) like Jay Z
Boy I’m a banger my bido and li (libido) (Banger lee)
Brought me to the master of Koko
The vision is AJE
I’m shooting like film works
(AJE filmworks)
for butter (AJE butter)
Export me like cocoa (Cocoa Butter)

I’m screwing the Nut (North)
And your girl is confessing
I’m blowing like Boko (Boko Haram)
I’m pissed at your bitch
A slap from the Niger I dealt her (Niger Delta)
that slap is from Isoko!

Onogie nor si Ilo
Mhen khin
So Ye mhen Zaiki
The best lyrical minister of works
Inia me dia bi Mike e
Ai sabor mu mhen molen
Si mhen ha da ghi Mic e
My flow is so delicious
Obhiaba uwe must e like e
Obhiesan kpataki mhen khin
And yes I go harder
Than eni ibhokhan na
Ne bha se sabor di Ibata
Electrocuting haters with the flow I transmit
Ai ri ugbore yhin Indomie
My guy you no fit chance me!

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