Lyrics: TPops – Memories (Remix) ft. Ola Dips

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Verse 1[TPOPS] They say life is fair but em from the black race//
Steven still wonder why jay-z has a scar face//
Fans loosing their mind,may be I got an heart lace//
16 I was running shit far from an athlete//
What is life called when a bro took his sister and a wife/
And a bitch try to ruin your life,thinking there’s life after life./
So I sold my time in place O̶̲̥̅f money/
Easter was on fire we celebrated without burning/(barney).
Then I hook up with ma lines like the fisher men/
No refree but everything was official men./
Started the game bout the loss time,//how I wish I had a remote may be I could pause time//.
Low “memories” they gat kilo-byte./
If rap is a spell bee,I got a killer mind/(a killa and d bee)
Time got two leg still he wait for no one//
This rappers are orphan they have no mum/
He beef me ain’t talking slocuum/
Faded off this blunt gotta Roll more/
Never fall in love with a bitch she will kill Ɣ☺u/
She pays for the nepa light,she will bill Ɣ☺u/
None O̶̲̥̅f Ɣ☺u have seen what my eyes have seen/
Use to be underrated like that nigga BEN CARSON/
T.P.O.P.S fuck any other alphabet/
En no one cares if I could spit with ma Dialette/
It ain’t neccessary or even may be/
Memories that’s the shit have been thinking lately.//

Hook: memories O̶̲̥̅f my past,things have ever talked about.memories O̶̲̥̅f my past ye e yeee.
Memories O̶̲̥̅f my past things my thought are bout.memories O̶̲̥̅f my past ye e eyee.

Verse 2{Ola Dips}

I Remember BacK When, I Was Just A REGULAR BOI…/
Woni Mo LocaL,Won Pemini VANACULAR BOI…/
When We Lost A Niggar,We Burnt The CANDLES Mehn…/
Am Going Brainiac’ On This Shii, ‘I GAT THIS MEHN…/

Ola Dips & T’pops Its The Memories…/ Now We Reminisce…/ Am BLessed To BLessing’ Your Songs With Harmony…/ I Stay Between The Game’,Like Bread To Maionese…/ Now Am 18*a teen* And I TaLking Ma Own Niece…//

So Its Murder-When-Am-On-The-Mic…/ Its SLaughter-When-Am-Using-Might…/ Onto The Next One, A Lot Of Shii I Mi-ni-mized…//

YO!!! Niggarz Be PLaying The Game Wrong…/
ELectricity SucK In 9ja, So They Couldn’t Put They Game On…//

So We Came-On, We Broke Your Legs With Fake-Horn…/ You Can’t Stand Me. ‘Head-To-Head’…? Better StiLL You ‘Take Horn’…//

ROAD TO SUCCESS Is Bi-Sexual, No Straight-One…/
You Niggarz Can’t FLow With Your Dry Gene’ ,,,,, STALLION’…//

We Sacrifised A Lot,We Hope The Game Don’t Forget Us…/
If Not For YAHOO-Messenger, How Niggarz For Get BUZZ…?//

RAP Is ALL I Live For,I Pray I BLow Throug It…/
They Thought I Was On Period’ Cos ReaLLy,I FLow TrueLLy…//

Ola Dips & T’pops ‘We-CooL-We-So-ChiLLing’…/ ILL GOTTEN ALBUM, We Bring The ‘Leak’ ,,,,,, Roof-With-No-CeiLing’…/ You Niggarz TaLking_Gunz With Ya GOONZ-WITH-NO-KILLING…/ You Ain’t Married’ To The Game, You Just A BRIDE To A GROOM-WITH-NO-FEELING…//

OnLy Thing I Never Deneid Was Being A SICKER-DUDE…/
Industry’s Next ProbLem’ Am TaLking Some BIGGER DOOM…/
If Rap Is A CLASS, Am Doing What The TEACHERS DO…/
Cos You Niggarz Are TOO*two*-SmaLL, Like “TILDAH’s BOOB“…//

IyaLaya Anybody Tofe Fimi Se Esin…//
Now Am Making Money,I Get Ba’ ,,,,,, CheLsea…/
You Wonna Bring Me Down…? Niggar DREAM-ON…/
The Next Thing You’LL See In Your SLEEP WiLL Be A DEAMON…////…

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