Lyrics: Tpops – Ransome ft Gunzz, LekeLee, Yong kesh

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verse1; (tpops)
care free
the game gotta end
time to tell the referee
year three outta college with the best grade
my thought was injured i ordered for the first aid
your best’s fake never roll with low thinkers i’d rather be wolverine
seee me fighting with no fingers my co-singer
was in cold blood
its a cold world
lost a nigga in a fog once the best sermon are lived not preach
like my papa will say
have heard enough shit listen when a god spit
this rappers are imbecile i think they’ve droped enough spit fact is
i’m the master piece
and when they need flow they gotta wait till their master piss
that sucks
tell me one of you who’d never grabbed cock ɣou don’t hype talents
ɣou hype accent like ben franklin em on that high percent they fuck around they rayjay
been around the world in hate days
no airoplane just my state of mind
time is money ya all should save your time

verse2; (gunzz)
the game fucked me up now i’m pregnant with thots
i’m killing em and i aint feeling no remorse
my rhyme open doors
aint gat no resource
i don’t mind til i’m on the cover of the source
and i like this like nigerian girls like moni
gat my mr bean on so sometimes i act funny
but lil hommie un far from a joke
i’m the undertaker making his way to the ring
you don’t wanna see that smoke
killin beats and burying saliva on the mic
i didnt choose to live mehn i choke survival every night
i don’t blow trees but i kiss revival wen i like
and i swear i could do this summersaulting on a bike
o feel the feelings of a man that really gat no feelings
i draw breaths of a man that really really aint breathing bruh
this is sounding like a horror movie
the industry is a graveyard but it really aint horror to me
the de ja vu of the chornicles of whom you called a fool
is being witnessed from the booth…now dey coo coo cos i rule..
and you don’t really wanna see me loose ma cool
i’m a bull calculating takin ya’ll out like iniminimanimo

verse3; (lekelee)
no be say i dey joke awon rappers yio le spit mo ito tigbe lenu won…
anywhere mole gboriwo toripe molenu gan…
awon rappers timotipa bai wonti le legberun…
i drop shit a lot ibitin bawo won anipe igbenrun…
rickross put inh dick inside cup
that one na big fuck up..
gboriwobi tobawa ogbeni koya lockup…
wonti soroe funmi tele won ni pomanbe gidi gan…
street gbemi sori baje emigan loun tun kiri gan…
efarabale eyin rappers yi
nibolewa moni kewa gbayi…
timo sheyn manbo lorimic oun loma finpemi labami…
tinko tinko tinko ko ebin pae waje koboko…
you can’t fuck with me my nigga you be okobo…
flow mi garagan abi wo gan mafe jenbe…
ibi tinba gboriwo nigga mi oma tenbe…
moshi wanbi oo nigga mi moshin bose…
bimosheyn jese caro nimotun jese bose…
no be freestyle nigga mi mokose…
ibi timba gba smoothly nigga oma kose…
timba ka leni leji mio moye rappers timotipa wonlemi… lemi lemi shugbon eh wondeleba…
kiloun bamiso nigga wa…
mio jese omo tioba ni kaka…
moun punch anything bi ali baba…
moun punch anything bi ali baba…
lekelee no be say i dey joke…

verse4;(yong kesh)
words to vector tha viper
mehn i swear i’ve been a big fan
so many ups and downs of late
buh yet you’r still the big man
real recognize real
give it up for a real man
am tryna steal the spot
the shoes are big?
i’ve got a big plan
my momma uses to tell me son be careful of the hustle
rolling with the lions don’t make you the king of the jungle
i’ve got love for the game
buh the game aint looking faithful
or truthful or maybe am asking for much
i may be ungrateful
life is vanity
but y’all killing for vanity
privileges misused even more than government properties
i’on tryna get my mind fucked
let my thoughts do the fingering
before it falls like gravity or my nation’s economy
its all black errtin
getting a black magic
you know based on belief
i’on believe in paramedics
cos in my line of business
i’ve come across lotta critics
who b like
this cat aint cool
he wasn’t born to do this
i know
camera’s bad
so you cannot get the picture
i’ve got a cool shades on
tryna look into my future
determination on my chest
watch me exercise
unlike brazil
am not tryna get my goals mesmerized

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