Lyrics: TPops – Sophisticated ft High M, Kordys

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the last time i went in, mehn i was hard on that bitch
you know that bitch, she’s one slot like the cartridge
i gat this you know y’all can’t diss
cos y’all blind, you see nun’ like the catholics
ya commercial act you can’t stop dis
omo na further maths can’t solve this
outstanding, when i’m sitted in ma office
always on the red alert, when i no be cultist
i’m a big name, chris wallace or big sean, ak 47
ya know its a big shot, 6shot, close your mouth take a glove
cos its high time y’all know you must keep shut!!
so, tell your best rapper make him chill 1st
x-ray vision, i dey c things 4 him chick skirt
stay back, john terry on the ball pitch
i don’t give a fuck, gat a silver spoon
i was born rich!!!

high m:
through the eye of a needle…
i see you..when i beam through…
its red alert!!!
when a beast hits you & split through
mehn i’m on track with tpops and if i ain’t killing
i’m prolly in the streets throwing punches making some teeth pop!
this is the big show and i’m the guest appearance
to get you to ma level you gon’ need a higher clearance
not to shoot a video, but really tho,
i’m silly yo, when it comes to these rhymes and wordplays m’s illy yo!
an ill mind and i ain’t talking bout you hopsin,
zeal on supernova ain’t that why we breakingboxes?
i’m worldwide, you’re regional,
you’re weak, m is seasonal,
you’re a low quality cheap imitation..i’m orininal
it was all hard work baby, fuck the luck,
see me coming up way faster, than a virgin..whose dick got sucked,
i gotta reap from every seed i sow ….
so s/o to ma ex ohh … tic tac toe!
i’m ghost!

i hope these rappers show respect
cos i been standing in line
and now they know who’s next
and i been passing the tests
when i ain’t even seen the questions
still the rap general
i got em on attention….yeeeaah
i tell these niggaz get your head right
or i’ll be slicing in your cake..with your bread knife
while niggaz always making red lights
i’m always on the say i get 9 lives
compare my guns to your hand knives
i’d make your life a living hell…
like you married to a mad wife
lyrical it pac’s life
you just keep your head above water in the oceans that i scuba dive
who am i??….
you should ask your girl
its that nigga that packs more weapons than an arsenal
dat nigga that thinks…
wider than a shopping mall
rapper wey dey burn rapper…
fuck postenol
high m

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