Lyrics: Trippy – E Get Why

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titles=Trippy – E Get Why ft iYCE]

‎​Hmmm Right Here
Right Here
And iyce that rhymesick
Hmmmm e get why
E get why me and trippy done this track
E get why
Hmm e get why!

‎​If I tell you all the things I’ve seen in my life
Growing up in the ghetto with no life
Life of a dog with no bone is no life
So I struggle hard to be somebody in this life
Promises they made they no keep for my life
Makes me know I’m alone in this life
Wake up in the morning and I pray to my God
Ask am how its gonna be today
No be say I holy I’m still taking kpoli
Life’s a movie
Ups and downs story lines start when u going down
But chukwu dubem oh!

‎​E get why I dey alive and e get why
(Anyhow e be we dey thank God)
E get why I stilll dey my grind and e get why
(Anywhere I dey I dey stand tall)
E get why I no send and e get why
(Anyhow e be we dey thank God)
E get why everything must get why!

Even though nothing dey make sense
I look deep down and I see greatness
Yeah even when d hustle dey dull me
I still gat dreams of making this money

See Everything get why
For some people eye dey say me I no dey try
They no understand say ur boy get plan
say dey wanna show me how to b a beta man
Tell anoda man, I no dey dull like server
Baba God dey nothing pass my power
E get why things just be as e be
So I’m  moving like a butterfly & stinging like a bee
Ejor I know u love me but u doubt my ability
So e get why I no dey come ur vicinity
black wit abinibi I run d facility
life na d bitch wey dey dull my agility
E get why I no dey feel u
E get why u dey bone when I see u
Yeah so basically u’ll remember me
For what I stand for & my God given pedigree

(Repeat Chorus)

‎​Just because u bake u wan chop my cake
You comot for chair sit on top my case
mehn u no be God no dey count my days
Everything get why so I gat my ways
Se I love what I do
Its embedded in my vains and every molecule
Trust love hate and the pain
Drives me cray but I stay the same
‎​I’m cruzing in my smoot formatic
Now everybo

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  • Naija music i tink iz dy best cos i enjoys it most nd it maks sence.

    Charmzy March 13, 2013 6:34 pm
  • Nothing pass God

    Casey Diamond May 21, 2014 6:09 pm

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