Lyrics: Tuclick – Titilayo (Shugga Pie)

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titles=Titilayo(shugga pie)]

Submitted by Tuclick

Its your boy Tuclick
And Ubizzy’ potter on de beat…..

Baby needless if my friends dem say i loose my mind
Is meaningless am willing to luv you
You the illest no no no leave time running, i would slow it down
Being longing to hold you
Shugga pie, the only apple of my eye
Iwo iwo ko titilayo
Shugga pie, the worthy of my child
Iwo iwo ko titilayo

i say dis other girls the be double
Girl you too fine abeg chop knockle
You de make man dem come the humble
Dem come the humble
They be hating
i will be loving
They be grumbling
Me no sending
Ah ah ah
Dey be grumbling
Me no sending
Cos you look too fine and you sexy die
i say you look too fine and sexy die
Oh! my God your sexcellency
Your excellency
Your my number one oooo
Ur sexcellency


Ok! She’s so calm like gentle
Caring always checking on me to know how am fairing
May be i should call her Mary J like yung royalty and yk
Cos shawdy ya high ya fine ya fly like a butterfly
If i say i didn’t you den i lie
i wanna eat your body like cashew
And in case you’ve never heard, i got potter on the beat
So make me your heart girl and put me on like beets
Our love will learn to stand like a new born baby and even at the age of 95 you will still be calling me baby
May be am yours alone and your mine alone.


Am never ever letting go ooo
Me no go let dis love o baby
Fade away
Away cos i do i do i do
You will always be my boo
Emi wowo titilielie



  • 6

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