Lyrics: Urban Hype – Champagne ft. Khaligraph Jones, Skales

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This is urban Urban Hype,
Yeah real and proper, dem fi know this
We badder than bad
Lagos to Lusaka

It’s the feeling that you get when you step into the club and everybody looking at you and you pretty sure that you killed that swagger feeling fresh from head to shoe yeah
Manja mu mwamba( hands in the air)
Bonse balumba tiye ntungulu ngati
Campaign (chant slogans like it’s a campaign)
Neo ni chitika
Bottles in the air make you pop em just like
CHAMPAGNE make we pop them just like CHAMPAGNE x3

Verse 1 (F JAY)
Ever since I made it big with the Hype I have been hopping out my bed feeling aight, with swag on a hundred hunna,
Ever know I’m the man I run it cause everybody know (I’m king) ironic, crib up in Zambia, apartment in Nairobi, party up in Lagos am there when they call me
Fresh boys yes boss now they know us.
Baba Iyke signed the boys we all about Taurus, it’s a definite hit when the King of RnB is up on the chorus,
Baby bring your bottle I got my glass pour us some till morning we continue aaah

Verse 2 (A JAY)
23’s on my feet so you know I’M fly’
23’s on my feet so you know I ball
On and off the court yeah I do it all
It aint tricking if you got it I’ll never fall,
Hear that Khaligraph we be happening
See those fresh chicks on TV that’s who I’m bumping it
See them fresh cars that’s where I’m hopping in,
Do you get the picture or do I gotta crop you in
All dragged up in my king label shots after shots champagne on my table
Your girl look my way it over
Haters wonder why I’m so dope but hella sober

Yoo hey yo we sipping on that Champagne aint nobody messing with hype mayne,
Enjoying life so basically we on the right lane,
We here to party aint trynna put up a fight mayne
And by the look of things I can tell that theres been a slight change
I mean broads resembling Chidinma, Tiwa Savage, Victoria Kimani and Nicki bro
I toast to life, for all the times we been degraded
We came up from the bottom now the ninjas celebrated,
Got a light skinned chick that looking like Halle Berry got a dark skinned chick that’s looking like Halle Berry
Everybody on my case since they saw me on the telly
Finally I’m a celebrity I boss on the daily

Came from the bottom now am sitting on top
Tell this bad belle people I no go stop
Now every day I go continue to the top
And none of them gonna live to see me flop
From Zambia to Nairobi you can ask about me all of them know me
Not me that runs things I give God the glory
I don’t bloody care what people say they go show me
I am making noise lso what let em fi know
I pass around town when I plenty dough I am the king and I run the show
I am steady killing shit from here to Antigou

Man ah pop up di ting
Now me deh pon di scheme
What you look for, boy go take a look on your scream yeah
Now me deh pon every girl lip and dem tongue too
This aint no Sean Paul ting, but dem ah stick like glue
Vima levels seeNavi gelo vikali
So me kille em on daily
Man ah real gee weh me say yo
Manje ninakala umoyo wamane nenzo lota ine
Olo uzonde chikunyonge suniku ona iwe aha

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