Lyrics: Vaice the Fugee – Real Control

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I wrote this verse under the influence
Of air ‘to be fair’
Mother said please fugee stop smoking the erb ‘to be fair’
Bout to murder my mentor
K dot its only fair
That i remind this nigerian
Mc’s rf is here

Fuck vietnam
We going hell in this bitch
Pass me the baton
Toss my feet in a latering
I’m running shiit in this bitch
Even mandigo
Know i go harder than him
In this bitch
But ain’t no female rapper involved
So i’m done with this bitch
Let’s go da vinci mode
9 + 1 rappers aint enough
To determine whose the greatest
That is not just ok
Considering the future’s realer than
Tupacs hologram
We going ham 2014
The chairman won’t be a man.

Rather 5 rebels
Vaice the fugee
Mr clefer
Tookie jin n flyz
The combinations rather clever
Done with introductions
And complains,now its time to come plain. Like a white tee
I’m the greatest rapper in nigezee
Fuck a saucy kid smoking weed
But has nothing to offer
What is sinzu? Oh please
Do you think we can be bothered?
You niggas punchline is weaker than
My mum’s grandmother
O yeah she dead,and that’s ironic
Cause dagrin was hotter
Than the physical tropical weather
We see in afrika
I aint the voice of the streets
But me vocals ah dutty
Blame it on the lyn or dmt
I’m steady transcending
Into the plane of the unknown
Am an e.t with a heart beat

Rapping from the soul
My abs starting to cramp
I thank god for jagz nation
Cause ion have to go to camp
To seek redemption

*so man dem fi hear me now*
And everything moving so fast e ah ware me out
But me nuh drink stout or puff spliff
No more
And someone tell ice prince zamani
We don’t wanna hear nomore.

*im so fly ,you can call me the sky*
L o l
And blatently you can tell
That if poetry was a crime
Ul proli never see jail
And it bothers me everytime
I write a song for myself
And you expect me defy the law of lyrics
Your kidding.
You talking versace
I’m burning verses to ashes
Yall should have stayed in your classes
And stop that shit you call rapping
Cause now the fugee reacting
And taking disciplinary
Lyrical measure
My treasures are hidden under my tongue
So me no eat no punani that aint mine
Like solomon
Vaice the fugee

Driving a camry
Bumping the fugees
And killing rappers prefusly
A porno with moral lessons
A groupie with decent dressing
A spirit sipping on henny
I’m a living oxymoron
You morons better respect me
This the new rap order

No ajebutter with 22 omo pastors
Can ever deliver me,i’m a demon
With good intentions
And this aint no competition
Cause its obviously emminent
I’m the only legend in question

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