Lyrics: Vector – Na U ft. Muno

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titles=Vector – NA U]

V E C oooh girl
And Muno oooh
My head dey swell oh
Everything is going well oh

My wife (my wife)
Sweetie baby, onyoma hey
Sugar baby, na u be my life
Girl na u, girl na u, girl na u be my wife hey ay ay
Na u be my wife.

Verse – VECTOR
Baby baby baby, oya do shakara cos i’m ur baby
My beautiful girl i’m ur B.O.B
Oh hold ur bobo
And as we made it to the altar
I dey pray say we nor go falter
Even though the future is bright oh
E nor mean say we nor go dey fight oh
But after the fight we go make up
Like Mary Kay we go make up (make up)
I owe u love i go pay up
I owe u i go pay up
See my head dey swell oh
I’ve been under ur spell oh
Everything has been well oh
Since i told u hello baby baby , ay my wife….


Verse – VECTOR
I nor dey do juju but she is my good luck charm
I dig her like i work in the farm
Yes i’m a grown man
She pampers me like a diaper
Many things that lets do
A child is a blessing lets make 2
Lets make more, did i say more
Babe tell me what we are waiting for
U got me, i got u
U make me wanna wear u as a tattoo
On the left chest, where my heart is
U pray for and with me regardless
Among all na u oh
Nor be lie, nor be lie na true oh
Oluwa don bless me
Even the young girls cant mess me babe

Verse – MUNO
E don tay since i know say i go marry this girl
Nneh Nsopokto nwayoma uyemu
Is u that i’m wanting
After all the fronting hey
Me and u is something
We go do something that will give birth to something
If u go be my lady, i go be ur baby
Hey obinobi ooohhhhh


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