Lyrics: Wede – Allow Me

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Allow me to dance
Allow me to move
Allow me to throw my hair
Allow me to shake Body
} [2x] Shake Body na [14x]

Everybody, wanting to be getting body
Spending in life say na planed money
Over the seas I get plenty garri
Say na Warri
Oh nanna
Oh my days I got what you need
Say na turn up
People just want to play dumb
After them sit on your face to play drum
Clear throat say na tom-tom
What the hell time to move on
Yea stay with me, time to move on
Yea………Carry your craze go cause if I catch you
You go know, No Kwams, No be yoyo, hmmm
Nor be yoyo…..

Shake body na [14x] Shake body na [14x]

Attention, move back, turn around, sit down
Ooooo….I’m taking you to the western lands
Round and round Mary’s go round
Ooooo…I see this life is nothing but a Swiss roll
See I’m better than your call
Yea I’m moving to Jericho …ooooOooo
I’m crazy, calling you my baby
Every night I call ya
Everyday I miss ya
Well, If I catch you, you go know
If catch you, you go show
If I catch you, you go know say…..

Shake body na [14x] Shake body na [14x]

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