Lyrics: Winter – Offering ft. VeeVyn

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Let’s go!
Its Winter baby,

Verse 1:
Yo! Hands up for the king
The one with the crown
Thumbs down for the rest
No hatting now…!
At least not giving a frown…if
The lord put a smile
On my face,
I’m holding it down…
I wish I could
Just explain this
A man with the darkest Of heart
But you cleaned and changed
Back then I detest your ways and
I showed no love
Got lost by the things I chased…
Could I have ever qualified
For the pac-kage
If righ-teousness was not
a gift I’m a blank page…
Was like a child
In the Moses basket
Never knew how-far distance
I’ve come,confusing?
Well that was just an Adage
If it wasn’t for Christ
Would have been a ravage,
I was in a dark-age
So outdated,
Now I role with the king
Life Upgraded!

Chorus: x2
Lord am an offering
Use ma life the way
You know that is best for you…
You gave up your son
And he gave his life away
So now you got me
free for you…

Verse 2:
I thought all have sinned
come short of glory
wage of sin, Death’
end of story,
You don’t even know I know this
You sin everyday and your close friends
Don’t even notice,
The flesh said I’m not qualified
For the blood shared
I thought I was nullified…
He killed it
Died on the tree
Old me being fruitless
So He gave-up
On the tree…..!
Grace saved indeed…!
I’m free
From the charge of the law
I have been redeemed!
Use to be that
YOLO homie
Truly what I thought
Till I saw the Handwriting
Written On the wall……!
So I drifted and switch
The interchange,
Shackles all gone
I’m gone out the cage!
I gave up ma all
Only for the El-shadia
I never wanna be
Like king Bel-sha-zzar!

Verse 3:
How could I
Make the way up
When I aint got a pay job
His grace be sufficient for me
I got paid off,
Bought with the blood
I absorbed like a tampon
Now I bring healing
No games no coupon…
That’s why i sing them
A good song,
Hook for the soul
Am a fisher of men…’
Preacher of Christ
I’m the first’ Mathew,
Goal getter,Top striker,
So’ I stay fly
Like a parachute
First and best
He has made me’ the first fruit
Walk with the lord
You can call me His pair of shoes
Think I’ma slow down soon
no use…
look up to that day
when we all smile
Seeing our King come
Down from the sky…
Use to be better in Hades
But now we’ talk about streets
Made of gold bricks

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