Lyrics: Wondaboy – Me & You

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I know you gat a man
You’re into him
But he don’t treat right
Girl I gat you ah
And you know me now
Wondaboy in the building

Oh oooo yeeee
Me and you can do it tonight
Can’t stop us
Do it now
Do it now
Me and you can do it
Can’t stop you
Can’t stop me
Do it do it baby

Verse 1
Saw you sitting all alone
Couldn’t help but say hello
Why you here girl by urself
He treats you like you no good
Take my hand let’s dance tonight
Satisfaction guaranteed
When I’m done you gonna be singing
Singing anew song
Shawty looking so good tonight
Common lemme rock ur body tonight
Slow whine
Let’s do tonight
I know what you want
I will give you tonight
So common baby,I’m ready to get crazy
I’ll be doing anything,anything you want me too… oh yea

(Repeat Chorus) 2x

Verse 2
Turn the lights out,pitch black
Marvin gaye on repeat all night
Girl you gat that… I like it
Come and give to me under covers all night
Take ur clothes off and lay back
Welcome to best moment of ur life
And when I’m done you be singing a new song

Mama sita
Lemme enter
Anything you want
I go give ya
Shebi na raba
E dey scatter
Shebi han charley
You say I dey feel ya
So just give me that thing
You will never follow another
Cos wondaboy is here in the building…

Special part
Oh wooooo
I miss you miss you baby
Oh wooooo
I miss you miss you baby

(Repeat chorus) 2x

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