Lyrics: X.O Senavoe – You Ready?

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Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, Yo! it’s here! Xpoint0! (X.O)

Hello there, hello there, hello there (Lil X.O)

Verse 1 (X.O)
The mind state of this young black African boy
Take it over, or have it taken over
I never slanged coca
But growing up, I rolled with real dudes – Nosa’s, Kofi’s, Krakye’s, Emeka’s, Da Rocha’s
Colder than Fan yogurts, Fan Ice and Five Alive’s
Peugeot 504s, Golfs and Land Rovers
Flyer than Murtala to Kotoka, the local with the locco rap
Pay me my fee (fi) – like Tuo za

They say I’m lyrical like Nas, dexterity of Jay, Shady’s motivation, the musicality of Ye
But I am X.O!
He really the best? They’re going “Yes oh!!”
I’m going S-O L-O N-G to all the folks that I effed with, but wanna eff me – y’all twiggas I see
My color code is ‘Orange’, call it ‘Hi-C’
My bars are made of iron, add the I-C!!
Now isn’t it iron-ic, now niggas know I’m on it, they hailing (Haley) me like the comet, analyzing my phonics, and peeking in my wallet, so sick they wanna vomit? Throw em up where my eyes see!
I’ve never tried to be somebody else
Why would I wanna make it rain, dear? (reindeer) – I slay elves
CDs off the shelves, put this on myself
Beautiful music, Africa do this for our help
They said we’d never do it, Like IMF with the help
But all of these verses I just smoke em like Michael Phelps
Alaba sellers say na wey I get moff sha!!
More specials than that Barbara Walters, or WalMart
I pack my Arsenal than Walcott, I’m viewed in every country like the world cup!
Black Star, Super Eagle, I don’t mean Michael Vick
I need some self-medication – my lyrics make me sick!
And to a cynic all I say is I hope you’re ready b
Cos now the critics changing tune, saying they now consider me:
The illest rapper
And dapper than Kwesi Kyei Darkwah
Xpoint0 – Ready? You better be!

Refrain by Lil X.O
“Oh my God XO!! You did say you’ll do this didn’t you? And it’s here! Ahaa!! Intro EP!”

Verse 2
The Greatest!!
Tell em bitches who didn’t want me to make it:
You mean of all that sperm, you’re the one who made it?
No weapon fashioned against me will prosper
Numero Uno till I ‘hang it up’ – ‘end of conversation’!
My crew is international – #XONATION
I never drop shit, wack-rap constipation
Esquire-Rapper, double jeopardy wow!
Esco’s (Nas) and Diddy’s on my rooftop, you can envy me now
Death made my life demanding, like twitter “follow back”s
But all of my losses make me this dolo cat
Doesn’t matter if you’re Ewe or a Yoruba, Ga, Akan, Fulani, Igbo, Hausa
I eff with everybody, a nation of visionaries
Always on top! My position is missionary
The definition of rap, you don’t need a dictionary to know I’m the sickest lyricist to ever spit!
And to my French speakers – Allez!!
Go tell ’em wannabees now is the time to be – Afraid!!
And stay on their toes – Ballet!!
And tell my area niggas I said – I base!!
How now? Wetin jor?
Xpoint0 is just a taste of what you’re in for (It’s Possible)
Even Zaccheus knows, X.O is sicker more (sycamore)!!
They call me X’tra Ordinary Senavoe!!

Refrain by Lil X.O
Err XO you mean err, you actually doing this? You have more songs after this? This is really your intro EP?? Oh Snap!! it’s actually here!! My God! XO Senavoe, Senavoe, Senavoe …..

(X.O laughs)

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  • Hmm.. Nna get mouth jor.. D guy’s lyrics z too complex.. I nid to learn wooo,., thankz though.. God bless!

    Toben10 August 26, 2013 11:34 am

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