Lyrics: xKed – Ogbeni

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Right now the chics are all about the money eh eh
When you’ve got it and they smell it they’ll be on you
Even Monica tell me say she no come for the money eh eh
They’ll be forming love bug
Shey Na bee to honey eh eh eh
If you feel my story can I get a holla
(holla holla holla)
Life is too short
I no fit shout
You know watzup

But if you ready forget story make we party eh eh Ehen
Bottles are on me na na na na
Oya forget the heart breaks ehen
Ogbeni give yourself a break

Instead for chics to loyal help their bobo eh eh
They’ll be finding ready made to shakiti bobo
If the money no dey pocket shima no look your face eh
Wo ma son’fun ewikpe yes oh Shey Na love we chop eh eh eh
If you feel my story can I get a holla
(holla holla holla)
I no fit shout ehen
Yeah yeah yeah

Once owo dey involved oh
Chics go start to dey revolve oh
Few are they wen come for love oh
Women matter hard to solve oh eh
(Ah ah ah )
Ehen Ogbeni give yourself a break ‎

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